Carnation release new track and video for ‘Metropolis’

Belgian death metal crushers CARNATION are proudly presenting their new track ‘Metropolis’! The new song is inspired by the groundbreaking German science-fiction film Metropolis, directed by Fritz Lang which was released in 1927. The track depicts the corruption and filth behind the glitter and glamour of this world,  the dark undertone of the advancement of our civilization.

The new offering comes in the form of an official visualiser video, which can be viewed via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel HERE.

Metropolis‘ is taken from the band’s newest album “Cursed Mortality“, which will be spread across the globe on the 3rd of November 2023 via Season of Mist. The album can be pre-saved HERE and pre-orders are available HERE!

Frontman Simon Duson comments on the track:

“We are thrilled to finally unveil ‘Metropolis’. Inspired by Fritz Lang’s 1927 film, our song delves deep into the shadows lurking behind the facade of progress and opulence. ‘Metropolis’ reveals the corruption and filth concealed beneath the glitter and glamour of our world, echoing the dark undertones of our civilization’s relentless advancement. It’s a haunting reminder that often, what lies beneath the surface is far more enigmatic than meets the eye. “

The surreal cover art for “Cursed Mortality” was created by the late, great Mariusz Lewandowski, whose dark and surreal vision perfectly captures the feel of this album. Lord of the LogosChristophe Szpajdel created a brand new logo and symbol to reflect this new era of CARNATION.  

1.Herald of Demise (04:03) feat. Andy LaRocque)
2.Maruta (04:07) [WATCH HERE]
3.Metropolis (03:24) [WATCH HERE]
4.Replicant (03:49) [WATCH HERE]
5.Dutroux (03:48)
6.Submerged in Deafening Silence (04:26)
7.Cycle of Suffering (04:05)
8.Cursed Mortality (07:30) [WATCH HERE]

While the Belgian slayers still stay true to their roots, they step outside of their comfort zone with more groove, melody, and progression, showcasing their versatility as musicians and clearly defining their own unique sound. ‘Cursed Mortality’ sounds darker, with passages of melancholic melodies that compliment the heaviness.

Most bands might feel anxious about making such dramatic changes, especially to incorporate clean vocals within such extreme music, CARNATION embraces the unknown and does not fall victim to fear or monotony.

“As artists, it’s something natural,” explains Verstrepen about why the band has shifted direction. “Doing the same thing over and over again doesn’t inspire us. We love to create and we love to explore new paths. We knew some people wouldn’t like clean vocals in death metal, but we don’t want to think of that too much. We stand 100% behind our music and we really like what we did here. Some people will drop out, but there will definitely be others joining! As Lemmy would say, ‘You win some, you lose some.'”

Indeed, a personal metamorphosis is always a risk, but one that historically has paid off. The first records of bands like Black Sabbath, Carcass, Death, or even Bathory sound nothing like the mid-late era offerings of those very same artists, and yet, those records that strayed off the beaten path are regarded as some of the most seminal albums in the history of metal. Playing it safe sounds easy, but it isn’t always a part of a legend’s origin story. And CARNATION isn’t here to play by the rules; the band is ready to take a leap of faith and redefine an era.

23-09-2023   STP Metal Weekend – St. Pölten  (AT)
03-11-2023   Cultuurcentrum Zwaneberg – Heist-op-den-Berg (BE)
11-11-2023   Hell’s Balls Belgium – Kortrijk (BE)
24-11-2023   Merry Axe-Mess XIV – Mühltal (DE)
16-12-2023   Death Row – Izegem (BE)
27-07-2024   Stonehenge Festival – Steenwijk (NL)

Simon Duson: Vocals
Jonathan Verstrepen: Lead Guitar
Bert Vervoort: Rhythm Guitar
Yarne Heylen: Bass Guitar
Vincent Verstrepen: Drums

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