Hexa Mera – Methuselarity Part 1

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Belgian melodic death metal band Hexa Mera is coming with their new album 'Methuselarity' on March 18, 2023. Before we start getting into the album, let’s talk about the name of the album first. The band states that:

‘’the album's name is a combination of the name of King Methuselah from the Old Testament and the word “singularity’’. Methuselarity is the point at which we can surpass the biological limits of human lifespan and extend human life to eternity. This means that we no longer have an expiration date and do not have to die of old age or illness, and can therefore become immortal through scientific, technological, and medical innovations.’’

Knowing this before listening, the album already gets a deeper meaning to it. Let’s see what it has to offer us musically.

Schizophobic opens with a low and deep, long guitar strum. After that, it goes into full action. After a short instrumental part, lead singer Yannick Schmit comes in with growling vocals. It’s amazing how clear his screams are. Normally, screams make it very hard to hear the lyrics. But in this case it doesn’t. It creates more emphasis in the lyrics. Near the end, we get a short solo drum part by drummer Vassili Golfidis. To then wrap it up with Yannick screaming “EXISTENCE”. Loud and clear.

Next song Crownless plays with different tempos. The instruments will guide you through this song. The electric guitar especially takes you on a melodic journey. Next to different tempos, the song also gives you beautiful instrumental harmonies to listen to. To top that off with the growls of Yannick, this song is outstandingly beautiful, and it’s over before you know it. It only looses its grip on you as it slowly fades away at the end.

Mauersturm sounds a lot darker than the previous song. It’s fast and fierce. The solo is thin and fragile, and a total contrast with the heavy guitars. Yet it finds its place into this solid wall of sound. There is this moment where there is just one long and deep growl. Everything stops for a second, then full chaos until the songs comes to a full stop, and all you hear is just one ringing guitar.

Mnemosyne uses a very melodic buildup, before crashing into the raw vocals. The two merge and create the definition of melodic death metal. The death vocals are being carried on a bed of melodic instruments that flow into each other. Goliath is carried on top of solid riffs. After that, the melody comes in and carries the chorus before it is thrown on top of these solid riffs once again.

Lilith is the closer of this album. It starts off with a single guitar telling its story, before going into melodic riffing. Then the vocals come in, and the riffs get solid enough to carry the growls. The song stops now and then to let long guitar strums on the loose and make you curious what is coming next. It does the same at the end of the song, where the lead guitar slowly tells you it’s time for the song to end. It fades out and leaves you longing for more.

Hexa Mera says it’s time for a new chapter to start. While we get to enjoy the first part, it also means that there will definitely be a second one and probably more to look forward to.

‘’The band wants this album to contribute to a deeper reflection on the meaning and implications of immortality for humanity, while at the same time entertaining the listener with intense and enjoyable melodic death metal’’.

By introducing the meaning of the album in the beginning, you start to listen with a different ear. You start to think, which is what Hexa Mera wants you to do. Beside the meaning of the words, the music is solid and strong, carried on a bed of melodies. It’s honestly beautiful to listen to. The album is about 25 minutes long, but those minutes fly by like it’s nothing.

Hexa Mera is doing a release show in Nijdorp, Opwijk. Be sure to check them out and hear this solid piece of music being played live for the first time.

Hexa Mera is:

Yannick Schmit – Vocals
Jan Huygens – Guitar
Mathias Vergaelen – Guitar
Niels Van Roy – Bass
Vassili Golfidis – Drums


  • Music / Songwriting 8/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 9/10
  • Mix / Production 9/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 9/10
  • Originality 10/10

Beside the meaning of the words, the music is solid and strong, carried on a bed of melodies. It’s honestly beautiful to listen to. The album is about 25 minutes long, but those minutes fly by like it’s nothing. The purpose of the album is explained by Hexa Mera to make you think, but their music is made to be heard by the finest ears. 

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