Photo Reports

Earlier this year, 3 excellent Belgian bands rocked our venue Asgaard with their music. One for one bands you should check out, with hardcore/deathcore from Despite Us, modern metal from Noord and pummeling death metal from Catharsis! An event presented to us by Fly Productions!

Best Of 2023 Tom VM

Our Benelux and France head of accreditation and most active photographer in that region, Tom VM, made his own selection of favorite pictures he took in 2023, including some new stuff that wasn’t shared on our site before with Biohazard, Bleed From Within, Brutal Sphincter, Brutus, Electric Callboy, Michael Schenker Group, Sepultura, Arion, Blackrain, Overdrivers, Avatar, Winery Dogs, Charlotte Wessels, Devin Townsend, Dream Theater, Extreme, Ghost, Michael Angelo Batio, Arch Enemy, Doodseskader, Halestorm, I Prevail, Powerwolf and SKYND!

Belgian Asociality

Quite legendary punk and hardcore band Belgian Asociality still exists, and a couple of weeks ago they played in our very own Asgaard to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our organisation, with the support of Evil Pony’s and Klabanus!


Liège-based sludge metal outfit Cottrell’s first show in Flanders in our very own Asgaard venue showed a whole lot of potential!

Hexa Mera

9Y Grimm Anniversary series with Hexa Mera and Hunter on our stage in Asgaard and a metal karaoke after party!


Batushka and Diabolical visit Asgaard. Batushka for their 2022 black liturgy pilgrimage tour, Diabolical for their 25th anniversary tour!


Celebrating GRIMM’s 9th birtyday, and Lika Bosch’s birthday on Walpurgis night, in Asgaard, Gentbrugge, with a pagan/folk metal party!

A combination of young & old talent at Asgaard; pictures here!

5 Shades of Black brought blackness and death to Asgaard and we took the pictures…

Pick Your Poison

We went for the challenge to get our own beer made and the result was interesting!

Ale with a cosmic surprise…

Belgian strong ale for a Canadian strong band…

Thrice the cosmic attitude…