Labirinto (JH Asgaard, Gent) – 06/06/2019

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After playing shows at the renowned Dunk!Festival a week earlier, Labirinto (BR) and Le Temps Du Loup (ES) graced our very own JH Asgaard with the final show on their European tour.

Despite this being the end of the tour, neither band lacked the least bit of energy in their performance. They seemed to absorb the setting sun from outside and radiate it back to us musically. Though both bands are instrumental, the performances were never boring. On the contrary, there was constant variation and unexpected changes. Labirinto, especially, went all out and weaved an incredibly complex and layered mountainscape of drums, riffs and electronics that left us agape.

I personally never experienced such heavy, yet clear music layering before, yet was still able to hear and enjoy the complete sound as well. For the visual-minded Labirinto‘s music creates all sorts of images while listening. It’s almost impossible to comprehend, and wonderful to hear. Muito obrigado!

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