Combichrist (Virgin Oil Co.) – 27/7/2019

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Like many people I know that are into metal or other darker alternative music, I had a period when I was younger during which I regularly wanted to go party and the easiest was to go to cybergoth parties. That music rubbed off on me and I ended up listening to quite some EDM, aggrotech and industrial bands, which I still highly appreciate to this day. One of those artists was Combichrist. Harsh techno beats with relentless vocals/lyrics and an energy that was unbeatable. They recently released their new album ‘One Fire’ and are touring in support of that all around the world. So when Helsinki popped up in the list of dates, I just had to go… Support came from the Swedish metal band Rave The Reqviem! See the pictures here:

For a full report of the night, go here:—27-7-2019

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