Walpurgisfest (Asgaard, Gentbrugge/BE) – 30/04/2022

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Walpurgis Night has its origins in some pre-Christian traditions that took place on the eve of May 1st. The Vikings for example, commemorated the sacrifice of Wodan/Odin on this night. The Germans once believed that the gods Wodan and Freya drove out the winter demons that night to greet spring. On Walpurgis night the witches fly to the top of the Brocken for a witch ball with the assembled devils and demons.

On this special night we also celebrated the 9th birthday of GRIMM, at the same time the birthday of Lika Bosch, founder and president of GRIMM Gent. How could we have done better than with a pagan/folk metal party in our very own Asgaard venue!?

The new (and 3rd) official GRIMM beer ‘Folkvangr‘ is introduced, people drink from cow horns and the mead, the drink of the Gods, is liberally consumed, while we listen to the Belgian headliner Aktarum and warm-up acts Hert and Sorcières.

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