Janez Detd. “Bleenies & Blockheads” Rewind Show (Vooruit, Gent) – 01/04/2022

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The year is 2022, lock-downs seem to have ended… Fuck that, we’re going back to 1998! Janez Detd have just released their debut album, so let’s throw a big punk-rock party!

I even came on my skateboard.

On a one-off event, the band played their debut album from start to finish, followed by a set of their greatest hits. Judging by the broad smiles and happy eyes, I was far from the only one that was looking forward to a good party, which Janez Detd more than delivered.

Gwyllions came before to get the crowd in the mood and a surprise performance of a dance troupe linked the 2 bands.

Ya know those nights when the whole venue is going crazy and everyone is smiling, happiness fills their eyes and the random strangers next to you are friends for a while? Yeah, those are the best.

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