John J. Presley “Chaos & Calypso Tour 2024” (Backstage Club, Munich) – 11/03/2024

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The darker side can also be very beautiful

A short browse through the pages of the monthly magazine In Muenchen ( and, a name and musical style piqued my curiosity: John J. Presley. One video was enough to convince me that this wasn’t just another blues/rock band, one of those unoriginal and bland bands that all sound the same. The project led by John J. Presley has notorious and different sources of inspiration, which can range from the late Morphine, Mogwai, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, P J Harvey and Nick Cave, just to name a few. Dark, sombre and hypnotic sounds make up the band’s music. This trip to Germany on their own behalf is to present their latest album “Chaos & Calypso”, released at the end of last year on the independent label God Unknown Records.

Despite the low turnout, the band performed brilliantly and respectfully came back on stage to play a few more songs, which pleased everyone present.
I hope that at the next opportunity, in a different venue, things will work out better and all the brilliance of the Brits can be shown in a big way.
Thank you for the almost private session, it was an honour!


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