Pogo Car Crash Control (La Cave Aux Poètes, Roubaix) – 29/10/2021

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French Punk band Pogo Car Crash Control set ‘La cave aux poètes‘ on fire. Quite some fans found their way to Roubaix to fill up the cave. Jumping or crowdsurfing is impossible since the ceiling is so low here that you can touch it, but that doesn’t spoil the fun. The singer of warm-up act Junon throws himself in the crowd a couple of times to get the party started, but it’s clear that the majority is here to enjoy P3C and the atmosphere they create! They even got the crowd into doing a small wall of death!


Pogo Car Crash Control

Seul a tomber
Paroles m’assomment
Pourquoi tu pleurs
Le ciel est couvert
L’histoire se repete
En boucle
Deprime hostile
Comment lui en vouloir
Criminel potentiel
L’interieur de ton corps
Qu’est-ce qui va pas?
Tete bleme
L’ego dans les chiottes
Trop defonce

Thanks to ‘La cave aux poètes’ for welcoming us!

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