Danko Jones (Zappa, Antwerp)

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Darkness. Cold. Fire. Silence. A big crowd. Mistery. A missing band. And a climactic bang!

Sounds like an episode of Game of Thrones? Nope! I’m talking about Danko Jones passing through Zappa in Antwerp.

For a few hours it seemed like the show would be cancelled. Half the neighbourhood had no lights or electricity and Prima Donna had already put their gear back in the van when just a few seconds after the news tat the show would get cancelled reached the people outside the lights went back on. As if someone was watching over the band and the crowd and didn’t want to miss it for the world…

Danko Jones didn’t let it get to them and rocked Zappa as if they played the Super Bowl Half Time gig!

Check out all the photos right here: [flickr_set id=”72157701057928372″]

For a full report, go to https://www.grimmgent.com/danko-jones-zappa-antwerp/

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