Interview Tyrantti – “Any beer will do… and Prosecco”

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Tyrantti, one of the most dangerous heavy metal bands in Finland and part of what people call the NWOFHM (New Wave Of Finnish Heavy Metal). Heavy metal and beer, there’s no better match. So not too surprising that Tyrantti brought their own beer into the world with “Kobra”, at the same time of releasing the song of the same name. So we caught up with the Sami (vocals & bass), Henkka (guitars & vocals) and Juha (drums & vocals) to have a chat about… well… beer of course!

Sami, Juha and Henkka about their own “Kobra” beers (“Kobra” and Kobra 2“) and how they came to the creation of those beers. They also bring up how happy they are about the cooperation with Coolhead brewery, also for any possible future Tyrantti beers. Besides their own beer, they try to think if they actually enjoyed any brews by fellow metal bands and if there was a craftbeer that blew their socks off. Also, they name what they like to drink with their metal or when they go play shows.

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