PICK YOUR POISON: Children of Bodom’s Lake Bodom Pre-Prohibition Lager

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Children of Bodom got together with the local brewery Fat Lizard to create their own “metal beer”. It ended up on the ‘Lake Bodom Pre-prohibition Lager’. A beer containing actual water from the legendary Lake Bodom and going for a rather unique style. To read all about this, go have a look at the interview we had with the Fat Lizard guys (and a couple of answers by the CoB guys), right here.


When pouring the beer, a light beige head appears that lingers for a while. That combined with the amber colored, slightly hazy and unfiltered look, gives for an already good start in the tasting on the visual department. Next up, sniffing the drink… we pick up a hint of roasted malts, a floral touch and a bit of biscuits. When finally putting the glass to our lips, we’re surprised by the very smooth mouthfeel and flavor. It’s malty with a hoppy bite/bitter and a slightly sweet full body/flavor for what you’d expect with a lager.


For the packaging they chose to stick with the signature green “topless can” that is used for every single beer by Fat Lizard, that takes the whole top off when opening the can. The artwork specific for the ‘Lake Bodom’ beer includes of course the CoB reaper, but also hints at the actual lake and the nature around there by some stylistic tree silhouettes. A very simple, yet fittingly cool design.

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