PICK YOUR POISON: Interview with Maxime Dumay of No Science Brasserie

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As loyal readers of our column might have noticed, we recently released a few reviews of beers by No Science Brasserie. We were interested in them because they portray a no-nonsense attitude and seem to be dedicated to the better music styles. So we thought it might be time to give the word to one of the brewers, Maxime Dumay!

Why the name No Science?

Because it’s a reference to amateur brewers, like me!! I learned and grew in my brewing just like many other people. I am not an engineer, I do not have an abbey…

What can you tell us about your beers in general? What’s your philosophy on brewing?

I brew beers different from Belgian standards. I’m inspired by English beers, but I brew them like Belgian beers. I brew low alcohol beers with fine bubbles, unlike the big Belgian beers. There is the cereal side of a Belgian beer with the fruity bitterness of an IPA. My beers have names of music styles or bands. Because I worked for years at Magasin4, the alternative music venue in Brussels. I like alternative music and I think it reflects my state of mind.

How did the evolution from working in a music venue to a brewer came to be?

I came to the profession of brewer because I like to change. I was a lumberjack teacher, I worked at the national theater of brussels, then at Moeder Lambic in Saint Gilles where I learned about beer.

What can you tell us about your beers specifically?

  • Psycho Table Beer: a light beer at 3%. Bitter citrus for when you feel thirsty.
  • Heavy Porter: a very dark beer full of taste. Cocoa smell and coffee taste. Black like metal!
  • Noisy Pale Ale: a Belgian IPA with a malty start and a long, very fruity and complex bitterness.
  • Stoner Witch: a rye beer. Very dry, bitter and spicy. The name comes from one of the best Melvins albums, yeah!


What are upcoming projects you are working on and what names might we see in the future?

I have new recipes in preparation. But ssssst! New collaborations are coming too. I think the next names might refer to PPZ30, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, … I do not know yet.

If provided with the opportunity what band would you like to make a beer for?

If I had to make a beer for a band it would be for The Melvins, The EX, Jon Spencer, Lightning Bolt or Iggy Pop!

Thank you for your time Maxime and good luck with the future projects! We’ll definitely keep an eye out for them.

Maxime Dumay (photo credit of www.lavenir.net)