THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA launched limited wine and rum specials together with Phantom Spirits

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Ladies and Gentlemen, here speaks your cabin crew of Swedish Classic Rock airline THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA: Now, that flight “Aeromantic” finally took off at its scheduled date 28th February, we friendly invite you to enjoy our cabin service.

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA proudly announce the launch of two wonderful treats that are the result of the spiritful cooperation with PHANTOM SPIRITS (

So, please enjoy both our Rum Barrel Aged Aeromantic Riesling (limited to 160 bottles) as well as Midnight Flyer, the world’s first champagne barrel-aged rum (limited to 600 bottles). Both products are strictly limited and will be available on the European tour dates as well as bundles in the Mikkeller webshop, starting Wednesday, 11th March:

The band about the cooperation:

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA are very excited and proud to announce our new collaboration with Phantom Spirits.

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA have always had a thing for sparkling wine, and it’s also something that’s fueled our recording sessions and always plays a vital part in our Classic Hour ritual before entering the stage. Some of our epic moments on record have come to life while quaffing sparkling wine at 5 am. Phantom Spirits have listened to us, they’ve spent a lot of time soul searching and researching, and they have created a wonderful sparkling Riesling that will fuel many of our upcoming tours and recording sessions, and it’s also guaranteed to put you in the true THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA party mode, that transcendent experience that many people still believe is just a myth. But now, with the Aeromantic Riesling, you will all be able to feel it too.

And when that fizzling, bubbly feeling starts to fade, and you need something heavier, for those late night conversations that you never will forget, Phantom Spirits and The Night Flight Orchestra have developed the Midnight Flyer Rum.  Imagine getting lost on a Carribean island with the lady or gentleman of your dreams, watching the sun rise as the smooth taste of  Midnight Flyer Rum strokes your palate like a tropical breeze. And it tastes like foreplay, some say.”

Mixen Lindberg from Phantom Spirits about the cooperation:

Working with THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA has been an absolute pleasure. Besides being humble and kind people, they are as passionate as they come. From the initial thought process all the way up till the final end result, it’s been a whirlwind of ideas where we kept pushing the boundaries, the format, and the overall concept, making this the most decadent hybrid package of elevated liquids we’ve done so far.

More information about the products:

The Rum Barrel Aged Sparkling Aeromantic Riesling is a pét-nat on Riesling grapes concocted in collaboration with Mikkeller, Weingut Meierer, Phantom Spirits, and The Night Flight Orchestra
It is a sparkling take on the Riesling wine from Matthias Meierer and the steep slated slopes of Kesten, Mosel. After dwelling for just the right time in the extravagant and sophisticated company of a Larmandier-Bernier champagne barrel, most recently being the dark and woody home of an 8y Barbados rum, this sparkling wine exhibits notes of honeydew melon, green apple and light petrol, veiled in a chalky minerality yet fruity honey-sweet softness. The fruit character and the smooth acidity of the Riesling base, is kept in check by the Rum-washed staves of the Larmandier-Bernier barrel, swathed with the insisting treacly sweetness and warmth of the Barbados rum. All this is wrapped up and sent into stratospheric flight, forcefully propelled by the prickly, elegant bubbles of CO2.

Collaborators: Mikkeller Vineyards, Weingut Meierer & The Night Flight Orchestra
Spirit: Phantom Spirits rum barrel aged sparkling Riesling
Origin: Kesten
Age: Vintage 2018
Alcohol: 11,5%
Content: 750 ml.
Bottles: 160
Artwork: Jakob Printzlau & Giorgia Carteri
Produced and bottled by Phantom Spirits and Mikkeller at To Øl City, Svinninge, Denmark 2020

Midnight Flyer is the world’s first champagne barrel-aged rum. A groundbreaking collaboration conjured up by Phantom Spirits, Larmandier-Bernier, and The Night Flight Orchestra
8 year Barbados rum was laid to rest in the dark, yet decadent hollow of a champagne barrel from the biodynamic Chardonnay kings that is Larmandier-Bernier. Pulled from the charred pit of scorched oak and smothered embers, the Barbadian rum is saturated in dense notes of flavorful tobacco, green mango, vanilla, toffee and burnt brown sugar. The heavy, tropic warmth of the base rum is lifted skywards by a fresh breeze from the vine-clad emerald green slopes of Côte de Blancs in Champagne, contributing with a bright fruitiness and subdued acidity. Born in an unknown bypass of the transatlantic jet stream, Midnight Flyer, though unconventional to its core, is the result of a true match made in heaven.

Collaborators: Larmandier-Bernier & The Night Flight Orchestra
Spirit: Champagne barrel aged rum
Origin: Barbados
Age: 8 years
Alcohol: 44%
Content: 50 cl.
Bottles: 600
Artwork: Lars Mangebajer & Jakob Printzlau
Produced and bottled by Phantom Spirits at To Øl City, Svinninge, Denmark 2020

Björn Strid | lead and backing vocals, additional guitars, a flair for the dramatic
Sharlee D’ Angelo | bass, psychoacoustic modulation, spiritual guidance
David Andersson | guitars, keyboards, ring modulator
Jonas Källsbäck | drums, percussion, wild man drummer behaviour
Sebastian Forslund | guitars, percussion, keyboards, special FX
Anna-Mia Bonde | backing vocals
Anna Brygård | backing vocals

More info:

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