Powerwolf (The Circus, Helsinki) – 19/11/2019

It doesn’t always have to be dark and gloomy for this photographer! After spending quite some time on black and doom metal events, it was time for going to an entertaining show of contemporary power metal greats Powerwolf and Gloryhammer at The Circus in Helsinki, Finland! As expected, Gloryhammer was weird, funny and all over the fantasy map going from fighting goblins, swinging their huge “gloryhammer”, singing about unicorns, cyborgs and what not… And then there was the religious show from Powerwolf, who knows how to put down a good show portraying a darker side of Catholicism. All in all, a great way to spend a night in the middle of the week!


Music addict - DJ - Editor-in-chief/Journalist/Photographer/Gatekeeper @ GRIMM Gent - Suomi lover - Geek - Science nut - Nature worshiper/Pagan

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