Saving Vice released their first “radio song” called ‘White Rabbit’

This year is full of firsts for the Vermont-based metalcore band Saving Vice. They were featured on Lambgoat for the first time following the announcement of their first-ever national tour with rapper Lil Xan and nu-metal act Dropout Kings. They also released their first-ever “radio song”, “White Rabbit” ahead of this mixed-genre tour. 

Says vocalist Tyler Small,

“This song is a big step for us towards the new sounds we’re experimenting with on the new record. It’s the second song we’ve ever released with rap. We really think it is another testament to our song-writing abilities and diversity.”
“The White Rabbit is a metaphor for temptation that leads you into your bad habits, but the song is about self-awareness and looking inwards to discover the roots of your own grave that we tend to dig ourselves when we’re going through the worst. It’s easy to fall back into bad coping mechanisms when you can’t look at yourself retrospectively.

This metalcore act has been able to make an impact in their local music scene and beyond. So far Saving Vice has accumulated over 1.4 million streams on their debut LP Hello There which earned them a spot on an Alternative Press article as one of the “20 Debut Albums That Took Metalcore To The Next Level In 2020“. Their recent collaboration with Patient Sixty Seven earned them a spot on Spotify’s “New Core” playlist.  The band has been able to accomplish all of this all the meanwhile being fully independent with no record label backing them.

Their music since their first LP has all been self-produced over at Hell Here Studios. The tracks have then been brought over to Randy Pasquarella over at Pasquarella Recordings for mixing and mastering.

Stay tuned for the band’s second LP to come in the near future.

Saving Vice Are:
Tyler Small– Vocals
Chase Papariello– Vocals
Robbie Litchfield– Guitar
Kenjamin Smiertelny– Bass
Sam Whelton– Drums

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