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Jupiterian – Protosapien

Prepare to enter orbit around the cosmic doom of ‘Protosapien’, the third full length of Brazil’s Jupiterian.

Interview The Krueggers- “There’s much more coming!”

To celebrate the release of their album. we asked The Krueggers a few questions about who they are as a band, and the inspiration behind their music.

Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob) releases “Burn” performance video

Guitar master Mike Orlando shares a video for "Burn", from his "Sonic Stomp" live DVD!

MystifieR embark on European tour!

Brazilian Mystifier is about to set Europe shores ablaze with their traditional black metal!

Brazil’s Inraza posts new music video “Ruined Before Creation”

Something interesting is brewing in Brazil.... check out the first brutal track by Inraza!

Nervosa – Downfall of Mankind

The thrash metal killing machine from Brazil is back and they're ready for the "Downfall of Mankind"! Get crushed by another brutal release from Nervosa!

Cavalera Conspiracy – Psychosis

The Cavalera brothers are at it again! And how... they absolutely destroy anyone who says that they're not relevant anymore in the modern metal scene with "Psychosis"!

Nuclear Warfare + Gestos Grosseiros

Nuclear Warfare (Thrash Metal, DEU) and Gestos Grosseiros (Death Metal, BRA) live @ Jeugdhuis Asgaard, powered by GRIMM! FREE ENTRANCE!

Jackdevil + Primal Creation at Kinky Star

GRIMM: Jackdevil + Primal Creation

GRIMM Gent presents: Jackdevil & Primal Creation 20u30: Primal Creation – Modern MelodicThrash Metal 21u30: Jackdevil (Brazil) – Thrash Metal 22u30:...