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Brazilian black metal outfit Power From Hell unleashes their new full-length album ‘Shadows Devouring Light’ in full streaming! A release via Debemur Morti Productions.

Brazilian death metal legends Krisiun are back with yet another single from their upcoming new album ‘Mortem Solis’, out next month via Century Media Records!

Kapitur released an impressive cover, including the use of a cello, of Sepultura’s “Roots Bloody Roots”!

Greek black metal outfit Lucifer’s Child unveils a first track from their upcoming split album with Brazil’s Mystifier!

Brazilian outfit Sinaya is taking a new path in their career with a more deathcore oriented sound! Check out the first single featuring CJ from Thy Art is Murder!

Brazilian death metal unit The Troops Of Doom announce their upcoming new EP ‘The Absence Of Light’ to be released in September!

Brazilian metalcore outfit April 21st released a new song and video for ‘Healing My Wounds’, from their upcoming EP ‘Courage Is Born from Fear’!

Brazilian metal outfit Eminence share the title track from their upcoming album ‘Dark Echoes’, featuring Bjorn Strid!

Legendary Brazilian metal band Sepultura shows they’re ready to defend the Amazon forest with the music video for “Guardians of Earth”!

Brazilian death metal unit The Troops of Doom unleash their second single upon the world in anticipation of their upcoming EP!

Album Reviews

Brazilian death metal juggernauts Krisiun return with a brand new album ‘Mortem Solis’ which is an explosive amalgamation, full of rapid transitions and solid brutality that will for sure please the fans. Out on Century Media Records.

With their message of hope in their conceptual debut album ‘What Lies Ahead Of Us’, the Brazilians of Pentral offers a a nice groovy progessive rock metal experience.

You like Nervosa and Burning Witches. You’re crazy about death metal. Then check out Crypta’s debut ‘Echoes of the Soul’, which has it all.

The first EP of Jairo “Tormentor” Guedz’s new band The Troops of Doom is out, bringing back some old school Brazilian death/thrash!

Prepare to enter orbit around the cosmic doom of ‘Protosapien’, the third full length of Brazil’s Jupiterian.

The thrash metal killing machine from Brazil is back and they’re ready for the “Downfall of Mankind”! Get crushed by another brutal release from Nervosa!

The Cavalera brothers are at it again! And how… they absolutely destroy anyone who says that they’re not relevant anymore in the modern metal scene with “Psychosis”!

Get your tribal groove on!

Old school thrash with touches of death from Brazil…