Album Reviews

Blasphemer’s new side project band RUÏM offers a sinister and visceral piece of black metal. The debut album ‘Black Royal Spiritism – I. O Sino da Igreja’ is a demonic opus and a towering achievement for Grammy award winning guitarist Blasphemer. Out via Peaceville Records.

The Committee’s “Utopian Deception” is strongly recommended for the fans of atmospheric black metal such as Immortal and Mgla.

Gardsghastr is of a raw black metal caliber that doesn’t only center upon the symphonic elements. The musical context of the album is quite eccentric and fixed on high creativity hence, making this album sound very unique.

Arstidir Lifsins has an exceptional way of narrating the Vikings chronology translated into epic masterpieces of pagan black metal.

German Darkned Nocturn Slaughtercult is back with a new release to show you what “real” old school black metal sounds like.