The Committee – Utopian Deception

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The Committee is an international black metal group founded by the Belgian vocalist/guitarist Igor MortisThe Conspirator in 2007 who started this band as a solo project. A few years later the lineup expanded to involve other musicians from The Netherlands, Hungary, France, and Serbia. And this what gives the band a sort of specialty due to the individual musical background. The themes of the music are centered on occultism, history, politics, and conspiracy theories. The band debuted their first EP Holodomor in 2013 and displayed musical progress from this international group who then released two studio albums. The third chapter of the band Utopian Deception is yet another innovative and modernist piece of work that shows huge signs of creativity.

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Here is the complete list of performers: Marc AbreThe Mediator on bass guitar, UrokThe Inquisitor on keyboards, Aristo CrassadeThe Trigger on guitars and William AurumanThe Charter on drums. The virtuoso skills of the outfit span over the ornate patterns of the atmospheric style of black metal. As the guitars cut through the soft layers of the melodies, the opening track AwakeningUnimaginable begins with catchy grim vocals. However, as soon as the double bass kicks in you will hear some strong influences from bands such as Immortal. Alongside this decorative song composition, the melodies are unleashed as the music becomes aggressive. The use of the acoustic guitars creates aural emotions while the strumming tone of the tremolos reverb and echo.

The musical arrangements and the array of dynamics allow the music to project catchy melodies. Lexi-ConThe Radical rushes into harmonic tremolos while the drumming tone sounds loud and destructive. Musically the band navigates through mid-pacing tempos with the melodies being poured into the song structure. The effort is carried to create some ephemeral majestic moments and the chilling riffs that will give you goosebumps. While the most powerful aspect of the music comes from the drums the ominous sound of the twin guitars creates a majestic atmosphere. 

Utopian Deception is equally melodic, aggressive, and atmospherically illustrated by the thundering riffs and the thrust of the percussion. Explicitly the band shows their heavy influences to the Scandinavian black metal. Barely a song begins without grasping the beautiful Nordic melodies although there are many subtle elements that become fitted to the band’s music. Almost every track contains some aural hooks that will stun you, the melodies on the album are mainly imbued with dark melancholic feel. While the overflow of these dark harmonies seems to stream perfectly into my ears, the third track InfectionSensible is brought by such grandeur. As dark and ominous, the growls sound deep and articulated with the flowing emotions.

The Committee channels through many stylistic variations, there is just a distinctive quality in the music itself. The fourth track Harrowing the SanePopularization begins to materialize with eclipsed tremolos. The music morphs into a dark vivid atmosphere and captures the aesthetics of the Finnish black metal. Classy melodies ornately polished by the modern touches of the guitar riffs. At this moment the raspy vocals become darker and ominous while the elegant patterns of the song composition shine vividly. The music feels stripped from the complexity the band maintains consistency by keeping the music-focused as they show a mindful approach to black metal.

All this suggests that The Committee combined the songs with monochrome harmony and musical composition. OssificationThe Law emphasizes the mid-pacing and occasional fast drumming sections. While the haunting tone of the guitars enhances each track the vocal performance is just perfect. The riffs on the final track AshesNorm provide a sense of energy where the sonic qualities are combined to stylish elements that work in favor of the music. The guitars create many catchy melodies that will capture your senses and keep you focused.

The Committee‘s Utopian Deception is achieved through the superb performance of the quintet. Overall this is a great album with plenty of outstanding songs that are finely woven into the textures. Utopian Deception is strongly recommended for the fans of atmospheric black metal such as Immortal and Mgla.

Release Date: 29th May, 2020
Label: Folter Records
Track list:

  1. Awakening – Unimaginable
  2. Lex-Con – Radical
  3. Infection – Sensible
  4. Harrowing The Sane – Popularization …
  5. Ossification – Law
  6. Ashes – Norm


  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals9/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality8/10
8.6Utopian Deception is equally melodic, aggressive, and atmospherically illustrated by the thundering riffs and the thrust of the percussion. Explicitly the band shows their heavy influences to the Scandinavian black metal.
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