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Sisters of Suffocation live at Asgaard

Sisters Of Suffocation

Sisters of Suffocation, Death Metal from The Netherlands, live at Asgaard! Free entrance, so there is no reason to miss this amazing show!

Pictura Poesis at Asgaard

Pictura Poesis + Daemonos at Asgaard

A night of Death Metal in Asgaard! Come and a see live show of Pictura Poesis hailing from The Netherlands!

Fabulae Dramatis and BufferState live at Asgaard

Fabulae Dramatis + BufferState at Asgaard

Fabulae Dramatis will bring you a good portion of progressive, avant-garde metal, but not before BufferState starts off the evening with their progressive stoner metal.

Rock And Roll All Nite

Rock And Roll All Nite

Rock And Roll All Nite! Voor de verjaardag van onze boeker/promoter en webmaster Frederik, zullen we een episch glam feestje houden met live rock en metal optredens!

Jackdevil + Primal Creation at Kinky Star

GRIMM: Jackdevil + Primal Creation

GRIMM Gent presents: Jackdevil & Primal Creation 20u30: Primal Creation – Modern MelodicThrash Metal 21u30: Jackdevil (Brazil) – Thrash Metal 22u30:...

GRIMM : Resistance + Nil Miserans

Full on death metal, with traces of their hardcore background.

Nacht Der Verdoemenis (verjaardagsherdenking Vincent & Siel)

Verjaardagsherdenking Vincent & Siel!


GRIMM : Solifugia

Solifugia: Spinning death metal, right in your face ! Live @ Muziekcentrum Kinky Star (Ghent)

GRIMM: Turbo-X-Mas Tour (Gent): TWOS + Nocardia

Turbowarrior of Steel's X-mas tour, supported by Nocardia, makes its way to Ghent!

zardens cover picture

GRIMM: Zardens

Zardens, Blackened Death Metal from Li├Ęge live @ Muziekcentrum Kinky Star, Ghent!