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Decaying – To Cross the Line

Whenever you listen to Decaying's albums you see the motion picture of war machine marching into the fields of destruction.

Gravestone – Sickening

Gravestone wastes no time for they have prepared to stomp your skull with several catchy tracks.

Skeletal Remains

We had a talk with Skeletal Ramains' vocalist Chris Monroy about their upcoming album, his musical influences and more...

Galvanizer – Sanguine Vigil

Galvanizer captures the raw extremity of filthy putrid death metal.

Season of Mist sign old school death extremists Carnation!

Our very own Belgian Carnation has taken the next big step in signing to Season of Mist!

Firespawn – The Reprobate

These Swedish death metal heroes (Entombed A.D., Dark Funeral, Six Feet Under, etc.) will make your head bang to songs about Jack The Ripper and other gruesome things.

Age of Woe at Asgaard

Age of Woe at Asgaard

Love the sound of old-school death metal combined with the hardcore fury and a unique, blood-pumping urgency? Look no further: Age of Woe live at Asgaard!

Nihilism – Beyond Redemption

Old school death metal ranging from France!