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The new album ‘Persona Non Grata’ from Finnish metallers Decrowned was released last Friday via Rockshots Records and to celebrate they unleashed a video for the track ‘Rainworld’!

Finnish melancholic melodeath outfit Decrowned is streaming their new single ‘Stonewing’, another track from their upcoming debut full-length ‘Persona Non Grata’ out in February via Rockshots Records!

Finnish power metal band Metal De Facto is ready to once again revive the grandeur of power metal with their second full-length ‘Land Of The Rising Sun Part 1’, to be released via Rockshots Records next month and share the single ‘Rise Amaterasu’!

Ukrainian metal band Scarleth makes a triumphant return with their latest single ‘Коли Прийде День’ (When the Day Comes) and matching music video!

Melancholic Finnish metal outfit Decrowned shares the first single ‘Mouth Leaks Black’, from their upcoming debut full-length album ‘Persona Non Grata’, set for release in February 2024 via Rockshots Records!

Finnish power metal outfit Chamelion is combining some epic symphonies, fantasy and classical music, and will be releasing their debut album ‘Legends & Lore’ via Rockshots Records next month! But first they have a ‘Hero’s Tale’ to tell you with their latest single!

Melodic Finnish metallers Dyecrest released their new album ‘Once I Had A Heart’ last Friday via Rockshots Records, and shared a video for the track ‘Read My Mind’ to celebrate!

Italian/Malaysian symphonic power metallers Silent Angel go ‘Against The Tides’ with the first single from their upcoming album ‘Unyielding, Unrelenting’ set for release via Rockshots Records in November!

Finland’s melodic metallers Dyecrest shared the title track of their upcoming new album ‘Once I Had A Heart’, set for release at the end of this month via Rockshots Records!

Finnish melodic metallers Dyecrest are releasing their new album ‘Once I Had A Heart’ in September with Rockshots Records, and share a first single with ‘Colder’!


We sat down with Esa from Metal De Facto to talk about how things have been going for the band since their first album, their new album ‘Land of the Rising Sun part 1’ (out since today via Rockshots Records), why they went for the Japanese culture as the theme and their hopes and plans for the future of the band!

They’re playing a release show tonight in Tampere and tomorrow in Helsinki, be there and contribute in making power metal great again!