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Italian rock band 17 Crash released their new album ‘Stamina’ via Rockshots Records and celebrate with a music video for the track ‘Strike First’, channeling the power of the Kobra Kai!

The Finnish rockers of Thy Row announce a special 1 year anniversary vinyl edition of their successful 2021 release ‘Unchained’, to be released via Rockshots Records!

Australia’s progressive symphonic project Victoria K unveiled the story of ‘Persephone’, a track from the upcoming sophomore album ‘Kore’, to be released in October via Rockshots Records!

Italian rockers 17 Crash signed with Rockshots Records for the release of their new album “Stamina” and announce a new member in the family!

Finnish heavy metal band Amoth shared the title track of their upcoming new album ‘The Hour of the Wolf’!

The Italian heavy rock outfit The Human Tornado unleashed a first single ‘Dreamland’ from their upcoming new album!

Finnish heavy metal outfit Amoth released a 2nd single and video from the upcoming ‘The Hour Of The Wolf’ with ‘It Ain’t Over Yet’!

Finland’s heavy metal/hard rock outfit Thy Row shared their second single ‘Horizons’ from the upcoming album ‘Unchained’!

Helsinki based heavy metal/hard rock outfit shared the first track ‘Road Goes On’ from their upcoming Rockshots Records debut ‘Unchained’!

Horror inspired metal outfit Infernalizer released a brand new music video for the track ‘Leave A Scar’, song from the latest album ‘The Ugly Truth’! Check it out!

Album Reviews

Crusade of Bards create this mix of power metal, symphonic metal, folk touches, and even gothic and pagan touches. It’s all there, and it all blends in beautifully together.

Finnish power metal super group Metal de Facto promises to “make power metal great again” with their debut release ‘Imperium Romanum’ and they’re not far off!

Calm, loving and mysterious…

After their first album ‘In The Name Of The Father’, Enzo And The Glory Ensemble continue their prayer with their second album ‘In The Name Of The Son’. A special album full of variety to listen to.


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