The Native Howl drop new single ‘Can’t Sleep!

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The Native Howl, purveyors of their own genre-blurring sound “Thrash Grass” who captivated audiences by winning Season 1 of the hit TV series No Cover, have dropped their new song “Can’t Sleep” (via Sumerian Records). Speaking about the track, the band shared:

“Like much of The Native Howl’s catalog, “Can’t Sleep” was inspired by cinema while touring. The film “The Matrix” had a large role in the song’s rowdy instrumental and vocal delivery, while the over-exerting lifestyle of being in a touring band did the rest. The lyrical themes of struggle, loss, and desperation came from personal experience.”

Prior to this release, the quartet dropped their track Sons of Destruction, their first after signing with Sumerian Records. Stream “Can’t Sleep” at the link here, watch the visualizer in the thumbnail below, and be sure to stay tuned for more Native Howl news coming very soon.

The Native Howl is a genre-defying quartet hailing from Leonard, Michigan, USA. Their fast-tempo music they’ve coined as “Thrash Grass” combines the aggression and intensity of thrash metal with the precision and melodicism of bluegrass. The band was born from a musical experiment that defied all expectations by blending elements of folk, bluegrass, rock, and metal, resulting in a sound entirely their own. With a dash of outlaw spirit and a touch of the wilderness, their music transports listeners to a sonic landscape where the traditional meets the contemporary. From foot-stomping bluegrass jams to lightning-fast metal-esque banjo picking, their tracks are a musical thrill ride that keeps the listener guessing with each note. Their lyrics often explore the dark sides of the human condition, nature, and the trials of life, creating a deep and personal connection with their audience.

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