VIDEO PREMIERE: Nighthawk is ‘Running Wild’

After releasing a very successful debut album in the hard rock/AOR scene, the stakes are now higher for Swedish band NIGHTHAWK, led by guitarist Rob Majd (Captain Black Beard, Metalite). With Björn Strid (Soilwork, The Night Flight Orchestra & Donna Cannone) joining on lead vocals, Magnus Ulfstedt (Ginevra) on drums, John Lönnmyr (NFO) on keyboards and Christan Ek (Captain Black Beard) on bass, the group booked world-famous Abbey Road Studios and made some magic.

“Running Wild” is the first spell from the album. A song that not only keeps the path walked by Nighthawk in their debut album, but also sets the “new” band approach for the project. Tighter, groovier, more melodic. More memorable.

An album I made just for the fun experience of doing it, working with new people and trying something different, turned out great!“, Rob Majd says.

Judging by “Running Wild”, indeed, great things are ahead on the Nighthawk skies.

Nighthawk’s new album will be released in the first half of 2023.    

Robert Majd – guitar
Björn Strid – vocals
Magnus Ulfstedt – drums
John Lönnmyr – keyboards
Christian Ek – bass/backing vocals

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