A Pale Horse Named Death – When The World Becomes Undone

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After Type O Negative disintegrated following the unfortunate passing of their enigmatic frontman, Peter Steele, former original drummer Sal Abruscato formed a new band, called A Pale horse Named Death together with Matt Brown from Seventh Void.

That last one was a doom outfit that by no means of coincidence also included Type O’s axeman Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly, the guy who took over from Sal when he left Peter & co to join Life of Agony for the later to be classic River Runs Red. As a kind of Dave Grohl or Phil Collins of gothic rock Sal proved himself to be an excellent songwriter when he traded the drum kit for a six string and a mic.  The debut And Hell Will Follow Me echoed the doom ‘n gloom of the Drab Four, but without Steele’s peculiar sense of black humor. His singing in particular recalled the late Layne Staley from Alice in Chains, adding a touch of grunge to these musings of misery.

Speed ahead nine years to their third full length. The lineup has changed significantly: for one  Johnny Kelly has joined as a permanent member since Seventh Void folded. The spirit of Vinnland still looms over the songs both in subtle and unsubtle ways.  Any fan of Bloody Kisses will recognize the tongue in cheek nod to Set Me on Fire  on  Lay with the Wicked a mile away. Whereas the previous two records had a dynamic interplay  between ballsy rockers and slow burners, When The World Becomes undone’ mostly focuses on slow outstretched bouts of melancholy. This has rendered a rather monochromatic record that in a strange twist of fate also recalls the uncannily similarly titled World Coming Down.

Release date: January 18th, 2019
Label: Long Branch Records
1. As It Begins
2. When the World Becomes Undone
3. Love the Ones You Hate
4. Fell in My Hole
5. Succumbing to the Event Horizon
6. Vultures
7. End of Days
8. The Woods
9. We All Break Down
10. Lay with the Wicked
11. Splinters
12. Dreams of the End
13. Closure


  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production/Mix8/10
  • Artwork/Packaging9/10
  • Originality8/10
8.2Former Type o Negative’s drummers Sal Abruscato and Johnny Kelly keep the Drab four’s spirit alive on the grungy doom’n gloom of A Pale Horse Named Death’s third album When the World Becomes Undone.
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