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Up-and-coming German hard rock band Wucan have signed a record deal with SPV label Long Branch Records for their future releases!

A couple of weeks ago, breakout UK metal unit As Everything Unfolds shared their latest single ‘Flip Side’, from the upcoming new album ‘Ultraviolet’, set for release in April via Long Branch Records!

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"A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open."

Frank Zappa

UK alt-pop trio Exploring Birdsong shared another captivating single & video with ‘Bear The Weight’, from their upcoming album ‘Dancing in the Face of Danger’, out next month via Long Branch Records!

Modern metal outfit As Everything Unfolds shared new single/video and title track of the upcoming new album ‘Ultraviolet’, scheduled for release in April via Long Branch Records!

The Hirsch Effekt take on current events and give their personal commentary with the new track ‘NARES’!

The metalcore heroes from Tampere, Finland unleashed another single of their upcoming album ‘Ukko’! Check out the latest track from Atlas now!

Finnish metalcore outfit Atlas shares the title track from their upcoming Long Branch Records ‘Ukko’, a celebration of the northern spirits!

Finnish “Northcore” stars Atlas unveil a first single ‘Taivaanranta’, a track from their upcoming new full-length to be released via Long Branch Records this Fall!

German prog outfit The Hirsch Effekt release a video for the title track of their EP that is available right now!

Post-hardcore outfit As Everything Unfolds share yet another single of their upcoming album ‘Within Each Lies The Other’!

Album Reviews

Finnish “Northcore” stars Atlas have released what we believe is a monumental piece of art and huge leap forward in their career!

Melodic Metalcore? The Royal has you covered with their new album, Deathwatch!

Whereas the previous two records had a dynamic interplay between up tempo rockers and slow burners, When The World Becomes undone’ mostly focuses on slow tracks , not unlike the similarly monikered World Coming Down did, after the easier on the ear tunes of October Rust.