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Almost one year ago the Finnish duo Gall and Exile released the sophomore Aethyrick album “Gnosis” via The Sinister Flame which bestowed them enough recognition in the Finnish underground scene. But with their third chapter “Apotheosis” it seems their bubbling cauldron is cooked over a gentle fire. As they bring out the same passion to their craft, Aethyrick‘s music creates some of the most calming melodies and atmospheric qualities ever, which made them sound different from a lot of other Finnish black metal bands. On “Apotheosis” the duo once again weaves delicate layers of the rhythm guitars, where the cascading aura of the music feels almost mesmerizing.

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The album opener “The Starlit Altar” is strummed by hypnotic guitar chords while the fast gait of percussion is paired with tremolos. The excellent guitar arrangements provide a melancholic feel especially compared to when the music transitions to fast tempos. Another aspect that adds magic to the album is the beautiful cover art of the gone too soon Finnish artist Timo Ketola. The album starts off sounding quite melodic and melancholic with many catchy and dreamy moments that get hold of the listener. The song texture is set with polyphonic sounds of the rhythm and melodic chords driven by catchy lead guitar and layered melodies. The vocals sound grim and ghastly and create a melancholic mood. Aethyrick‘s music is quite dark which allows the atmospheric synth to flow gently throughout the songs. “Apotheosis” is stretched out to reveal the hidden pathos of the duo who seemed to be immersed in deep enchanting themes of occultism and mysticism. 

And the result is absolutely breathtaking from the opening moments of the second track “Rosary of Midnights” where the tamed aggression becomes the center of focus. The soothing melodies are eloquently expressed, every moment through this mid pacing song the guitars shine with catchy melodies. “Apotheosis” is consisting of six beautiful tracks filled with unique melodies, although the approach here is reminiscent of Thy Serpent. There’s much to uncover with each passing track, Aethyrick channels the sentimental aspect of black metal. The duo integrates the tremolo-picked riffs and the catchy melodies the synth adds an ethereal atmosphere but usage is minimal as much of the focus here is on the guitars and the drums. 

The demonstration of the rhythm guitar and the melodic tremolos are impressively executed on “Flesh Once Divided”. Aethyrick‘s music isn’t about aggression or raw traditional style of black metal. Despite the spontaneous pace of the drums in some of the tracks, the overall direction is quite moderate. The songs on the album are saturated with many melodic textures and soaring synth. “In Blood Wisdom” is an example of such creativity. The track is expressed by emotive moments of the cascading synth and melodies all wrapped together beautifully. “Apotheosis” is a gloomy kind of an album that blends deep melodies and leaves you craving for more. The bass guitar also gets to shine on the album through the slow pacing and a slew of melodies sheds light on the gloomy atmosphere. The synth effects are ephemeral but when they’re implemented, they add a dreamy aura.  

And while these elements intermingle within the song texture, the duo finds the right compositions to balance their songs. This way the songs sound almost the same, somehow fusing with one another. Albeit the slower pace of some tracks like “With Determined Steps”, the music speaks to itself and the quality of the music is professionally delivered. The album closer “Path of Ordeal” emphasizes melodies to create some kind of mystic atmosphere.

The latest album is emphasized on the atmospheric flow of the guitars as each of the six tracks are fixed by the usual formula. Among the many black metal albums that came out from Finland in the last decade, Aethyrick feels different and uniquely dramatic in its musical craft. It seems like the band is slowly finding its way towards a bright horizon. 

Release Date: January 22st, 2021
Label: The Sinister Flame
Track list:

  1. The Starlit Altar
  2. Rosary of Midnights
  3. Flesh Once Divided
  4. In Blood Wisdom
  5. With Determined Steps
  6. Path of Ordeal


  • Music7/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics7/10
  • Mixing / Production 7/10
  • Artwork / Packaging 7/10
  • Originality7/10
7“Apotheosis” is a gloomy kind of an album that blends the deep melodies and leaves you craving for more.
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