Beneath My Feet – In Parts, Together

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Beneath My Feet is a Swedish metalcore band formed in 2010. Their debut album dates back to 2014 called 'Origins' and now 9 years later there is finally their second album called 'In Parts, Together. Beneath My feet combine influences from the American metal sound and the British hardcore scene together with pop influenced melodic choruses and catchy riffs.

We start off with the most catchy song of the album called ‘Caught In A Hurricane’ where you can hear that they indeed are influenced by the British hardcore sound. ‘Dig My Grave’ then is a song where the metalcore and hardcore meet each other with a very heavy sound and is an awesome start of this album. ‘When Both Our Worlds Collide’ takes it up a notch and creates an awesome composition with the clean vocals in the back and the guitar that create a wall of sound. ‘Dead Equal’ and ‘One More Time’ are the more brutal songs of the album, and they are very political if you take the lyrics with you.

‘Sink To The Bottom Or Swim To The Shore’ goes further on the heavy vibe, while ‘Is This Really You’ gives us an emotional chorus that we usually get from bands like Dead By April or Bullet For My Valentine. It’s already a long ride and I’m starting to miss some originality to make it more listenable. On ‘Far From Home’ they do their best to create something special, but it feels like we’ve already heard it before. On ‘The Uprising’ they use some bouncy synths together with some upbeat riffs that actually brings in a bit more originality, making it more enjoyable.

‘Departure’ uses more melodic/emotional riffs with some nice piano sections in the end. ‘Roads’ and ‘Vindicta’ are again some tracks that sort of go by unnoticed. Which is a pity because it all really sounds good. We end the album with ‘Lost Sailors Grave’ and I hate it to say, but I’m glad it’s done. It’s not a bad album at all, but in the end it’s not that all that original, which made it a bit hard to listen to without losing your attention near the end.

We waited 9 years for this new album from Beneath My Feet. Listening to the album ended up being a rather tedious ride with its 13 tracks, and after a while I kind of wanted to listen to something else. There are songs that really blew me away with the refreshing sound, but a lot of the other songs go by unnoticed. Which is a pity since they clearly know what they’re doing.


  • Music / Songwriting 6/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 7/10
  • Mix / Production 7/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 7/10
  • Originality 5/10

Beneath My Feet releases with ‘In Parts, Together’ a pretty decent second album after a wait of almost a decade. People who love all things metalcore should give this a spin because there are some really decent tracks on the album. Sadly, I suspect that the release might somewhat disappear in the big pile of metalcore albums that gets released all the time.

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