To The Grave – Director’s Cut

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The Australian deathcore formation is busy since 2013 releasing their first album in 2019 called 'Global 'Warning. 2 years later there was 'Epilogue' which was a re-release of the debut + 7 new numbers written in 2020. That was a very long and chaotic ride. 'Director's Cut' is their third release with 11 brand new tracks.

What stands out with the intro ‘Warning Shot’ is that their grindcore is reduced to a minimum. It is an all deathcore album. ‘Red Dot Sight’ is the best example with growls, breaks, and some technical skill like Fit For An Autopsy or After The Burial. ‘Full Sequence’ is a continuation of the technical skills with more breaks, more growls and more brutal riffs. ‘B.D.T.S.’ is more hardcore oriented due to the vocals. ‘Protest_Sever’ has a guest appearance from Sam Crocker, frontman of the hardcore band Antagonist A.D. The song contains some heavy breakdowns and an awesome solo.

‘Manhunt’ has an even more brutal breakdown with some very heavy blunt riffs. ‘Found Footage’ is something very different: no intermezzo, but something in between with a lot of spoken word, which is a trademark from many metalcore and deathcore bands. ‘Axe Of Kindness’ is another brutal deathcore track that has the perfect mix between their breaks and the fast double bass with the pig squeals and growls. The second guest appearance comes on ‘Reversing The Bear Trap’ and the honor goes to Jess Cristiansen from the band Bled Out. It is one of the more brutal tracks with some furious blast beats. ‘Cut Off The Head’ is one of the singles that has been released before the album release, and it was clear that they no longer used the grindcore tunes and went completely for deathcore. After listening to this track we wanted to know what they had in store for us. We end this album with their magnum opus, an 8-minute-long track called ‘Die, Rise.’ An epic deathcore track that shows who To The Grave is today.

The newest release of To The Grave is a decent brutal, deathcore album. Everyone who has a heart for deathcore must give this a listen.


  • Music / Songwriting 8/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 8/10
  • Mix / Production 8/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 8/10

To The Grave releases a high quality deathcore album which contains pig squeals, death growls, blast beats and brutal breakdowns.

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