Crypts of Despair – All Light Swallowed

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Crypts of Despair are Lithuania’s best-kept secret that remained untold until very recently. The Baltic death metal group was formed back in 2009 and remained in the depths of the underground scene for many years. In 2017 they debuted their first album “The Stench of The Earth” which unexpectedly was a great debut, rife with the old school mastery. Crypts of Despair didn’t only manage to bring something intense and pristine in sound. When these newcomers released their album four years ago they were deemed as one of the promising acts in Europe. Now, with their second outing “All Light Swallowed”, released on April 23rd via Transcending Obscurity Records, the Lithuanian quartet unleashes another blistering old school death metal savagery. The current lineup is consists of Dovydas Auglys (vocals, guitars), Benas Juškus (guitars), Simonas Jurkevičius (vocals, bass), and the newly joined member Henri Mäll (drums).

Having evolved into a more visceral sound, Crypts of Despair’s second album has the vicious quality of death metal malevolence. From its very outset, the opening track “Being-Erased”, the drums accelerate its pace to ultimate blast beats. The wicked tone of the dense riffs is perceived by the rusty guitars and the dual vocals attack. The songs are packed with abrasive sawing riffs, many times the vocals eject deep growls and sharp raspy grunts sending chills down the spine. Crypts of Despair are known for their distinctive persona of creating a dark and morbid atmosphere. There are many slower tempos where the dual guitars combine the cold spectrum of dissonance.

This new atmospheric element brings an extra texture to the songs showing clear inspiration akin to modern black and death metal bands. The technical skills and virtuoso on tracks such as “Anguished Exhale” continues with the fierce onslaught of the double bass. While the sheer heaviness of the guitars constantly inject otherworldly rhythms, each track is materialized by the morbid atmosphere. There are a lot of tempo changes among the eight tracks, where the band presents an ominous set of raw death metal ferocity. The grotesque artwork of the Mexican artist Nestor Avalos (Blut Aus Nord, Bloodbath, and Mercyless, etc…) perfectly befits and reflects the fiendish music. 

Chocked by the Void” is one of these songs that shows how the band has evolved into something dark and monstrous. The horrifying air of malevolence is brought by such a staggering intensity, when the dissonance is injected into the groove the tremolos swirl violently. “All Light Swallowed” is a putrid old school death metal album that conveys new effectual elements. The drums remain the driving force behind the impulsive brutality, “Condemned to Life” is an example of organic performance.

The drums provide many fast tempos with blast beats being unleashed, the guitars on “Synergy of Suffering” offer some heavy potent riffs. Shifting from the fast-paced tempos to a slower pace, Crypts of Despair knows how to amplify their sound. With such hefty guitar arrangements that emphasize the desolate atmosphere of doom metal. The approach is quite organic, raw, and massive in scale and intensity, making the sophomore quite varied in style and direction. “The Great End” is a complex mixture of chugs and dissonance churned by the twin guitars. Bordering on the modern and the abrasive style of death metal, Crypt of Despair has achieved new heights with their second album.

Disgust” is a mid-paced song that features many tremolos and dissonant chords. Whereas the drums build on causing a huge stirring on “Excruciating Weight”, which has clear influences to death/doom metal, the growing sense of darkness is brought by the effective combination of the jarring riffs and double bass resulting in a massive reverberation. Ending with the black pitches of slow death doom, the final track “Bleak View” is solely instrumental. With “All Light Swallowed” the Lithuanian quartet brings new concepts into their old school death metal formula. This is highly recommended for fans of death metal by any chance do not miss this stellar release!

Release Date: April 23rd, 2021
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Track List:

  1. Being – Erased
  2. Anguished Exhale
  3. Chocked by the Void
  4. Condemned to Life
  5. Synergy of Suffering
  6. The Great End
  7. Disgust
  8. Excruciating Weight
  9. Bleak View


  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics / Vocals 9/10
  • Production / Mix9/10
  • Artwork / Packaging 9/10
  • Originality9/10
9With “All Light Swallowed” the Lithuanian quartet brings new concepts into their old school death metal formula. This is highly recommended for fans of death metal by any chance do not miss this stellar release!
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