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Australian deathgrind outfit Resin Tomb revealed new track ‘Purge Fluid’, from their upcoming debut album ‘Cerebral Purgatory’, set for release next month via Transcending Obscurity Records!

Album Reviews

The second full length album ‘Beyond The Palest Star’ from the German outfit Vorga has captured the style of cosmic black metal. It’s already out via Transcending Obscurity Records since March 29th.

Besides the grisly cover album, “Blackened Cerebral Riffs”, the third album from Northern New Jersey brutal death metal project Dead And Dripping is one of the best releases from Transcending Obscurity Records and marks a great achievement for the sole member who shows an expected talent in his newest endeavor.

Leper Colony ticked all the boxes when it comes to firm delivery and the at most quality of songwriting. All in all, the self-titled debut album incorporates the raw and inspiring riffs of old-school serious ass kicking death/thrash metal. Out via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Hellfrost And Fire’s debut album ‘Fire, Frost and Hell’ employs the expertise of Dave Ingram’s vocals as they bring together fresh old school elements from classic death metal.

“Striving Towards Oblivion” is inexplicably unique excelling in vibrancy, Vorga managed to express its fluent ideas.

The sophomore ‘Death Revival’ of the Greek stalwarts Abyssus proves that their songwriting and musicianship is at peak level.

On the sixth album “Agma” Wombbath initiates a rather morbid approach to death metal making it the best effort since the debut album.

Abscession on the sophomore “Rot of Ages” managed to exhibit new musical grounds of Stockholm death metal.

‘Degenerations’ is one of the best death metal albums released this year. If you are into some eccentric type of death, then this is a must.

Eremit’s sophomore album ‘Bearer of Many Names’ , bears the finest of atmospheric sludge doom,
out on Transcending Obscurity.