Album Reviews

Hellfrost And Fire’s debut album ‘Fire, Frost and Hell’ employs the expertise of Dave Ingram’s vocals as they bring together fresh old school elements from classic death metal.

“Striving Towards Oblivion” is inexplicably unique excelling in vibrancy, Vorga managed to express its fluent ideas.

The sophomore ‘Death Revival’ of the Greek stalwarts Abyssus proves that their songwriting and musicianship is at peak level.

On the sixth album “Agma” Wombbath initiates a rather morbid approach to death metal making it the best effort since the debut album.

Abscession on the sophomore “Rot of Ages” managed to exhibit new musical grounds of Stockholm death metal.

‘Degenerations’ is one of the best death metal albums released this year. If you are into some eccentric type of death, then this is a must.

Eremit’s sophomore album ‘Bearer of Many Names’ , bears the finest of atmospheric sludge doom,
out on Transcending Obscurity.

Crypt of Despair has achieved new heights with their second album, the approach is organic, raw and massive in scale and intensity.

On this debut outing, the Portuguese quintet follows the subterranean path of the Finnish forefathers of funeral doom metal Thergothon.

Revolting’s latest release is a good conjunction of modern death metal and the thrusting elements of old school Stockholm death metal.


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