Det Eviga Leendet – Reverence

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From the vast spheres of the black metal universe, Det Eviga Leendet brings forth their sophomore album “Reverence” via Mystískaos on January 28th, 2022. Formed in 2018 by five unknown musicians who pulled off a unique architecture, the six new tracks are embedded in the powerful cacophony of a blistering wall of sound. In the Swedish language, Det Eviga Leendet means “The eternal smile” and it’s named after the 1920 novel about a large group of dead people sitting in the dark who talk in order to pass eternity, written by Pär Lagerkvist. Jacob Buszarski (Mare Cognitum) vocals resemble ghoulish howls, and even though the music is cloaked in thick layers of tremolos, the band has crafted a dark and sinister piece of black metal. Det Eviga Leendet quickly creates an obscure mood for the listener. The follow-up album to the 2018 debut album “Lenience” is without a surprise an evolution to the band’s expertise.  

Opening track “Bloom” manages to pull off a bleak vicious atmosphere. There’s something ominous about the tremolo riffing and the drums build up the pace upon the stratum of the harsh vocals. Blazing guitars and pounding drums add to the aural experience. There is an undeniable influence of the German black metal band Der Weg Einer Freiheit on the general sound of the album. Much of the music reflects the unsteady nature of the abyss with the guitar barrage creating unorthodox soundscapes. The following track “Visage” begins with the violent drum attacks and the guitars conjure powerful riffs against the furious blast beats. “Reverence” takes you into deep dark chasms of void while on the other hand the guitars are relentlessly fast and generate somewhat of a menacing aura. 

As the venomous piercing fury intensified, the third track “Retch” shoots off sharp tremolos. Det Eviga Leendet unfolds complex patterns and extreme force. The song composition imbibes on the roots of the second wave of black metal, ultimately the songs are quite fierce. The sophomore conjoins the unorthodox elements from modern bands but it also highlights the performance that has generated a new level. Jacob Buszarski maintains his torturing style of vocals throughout the album while simultaneously the bleak moments reflect the dynamics of the songs. “Estrange” moves into a slower pacing tempo but the overall atmosphere is disturbingly hypnotic and yet disordered. The sophomore combines mournful undertones and the guitars showcase the ability to create complexions and moods. The endless barrage of the guitars and rapid drums unleash immense potency.  

Regret” is powerfully frantic and full of blasting sections. Each scathing riff drips with molten lava while the drums cut through the condensed layers of the vocals. Det Eviga Leendet continues with their organic performance and songwriting prowess, infusing their abrasive tremolos and the wall of sound. The high pitched vocals are omnipresent even in the slower paces this powerful element is sustained. 

The final track “Yield” offers blazing rhythm sections and the tremolo riffing generates some catchy melody in a mid pacing tempo. It is also the most intriguing track on the album, sounding atmospheric and brooding. Though one cannot deny the influence of Der Weg Einer Freiheit, the Swedish group exert on how to write music that simply makes them unique among other bands in modern black metal. “Reverence” might have focused on the powerful execution of the instrumentation but they have kept a small margin of variation. Det Eviga Leendet‘s new album is abrasive and sounds very furious due to the coherent sonic architecture, this is recommended if you like Wiegedood, Gaerea, and Audn.  

Release Date: January 28th, 2022
Label: Mystískaos/Amor Fati Productions

  1. Bloom
  2. Visage
  3. Retch
  4. Estrange
  5. Regret
  6. Yield


  • Music8/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics8/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality9/10
8.2Det Eviga Leendet exerts on how to write music that simply makes them unique among the other bands in modern black metal. “Reverence” might have focused on the powerful execution of the instrumentation but they have kept a small margin of variation.
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