Entrails – Rise of the Reaper

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Over the past few years, Entrails became one of the major bands to rise from Sweden. Regardless how similar the Swedish death metal bands may sound alike. Entrails found unparalleled ways to differentiate themselves from other acts such as Bloodbath and Demonical. After releasing two outstanding albums “Tales from the Morgue” and “The Tomb Awaits”, it was clear that the Swedish death metallers have honed their skills and made a perfect presentation to modern death metal music. The band unleashed five albums in the traditional style of old school death metal. However the recent albums like “Obliteration” and “World Inferno” were still along the lines of the classic Swedish death metal, but the band could not top their early albums.

They have somehow re-evaluated their style and aimed for a brutal sound by this significant change. Entrails regenerated in a different form and reinforced the tone of the guitar by reducing the melodies. This kind of approach made them become a bulldozer of modern death metal, while still being confined within the typical spectrum of old school death metal. Entrails is comprised of guitarists Jimmy Landqvist and Markus Svensson, bassist and vocalist Pontus Samuelsson, and drummer Arvid Borg.

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While still keeping a two years gap between their studio albums, the 6th output “The Rise of the Reaper” by this Swedish band, accentuate on vicious riffs and evil sounding atmosphere. Combining a malevolent mood and the brutality of the chainsaw riffing. These elements were previously featured on their second full length album “The Tomb Awaits”. Entrails on the new album retains its signature sound, and there are plenty of good signs that shows a whole new grounds of improvement. After a short macabre intro akin to horror movies that leads to “For Hell”, you can quickly realize the changes which were brought into reform. When I first listened to the track I noticed that the guttural growls sounds much better than the previous album.

In a more diversified style of melodies inserted into the tracks of the album. The guitars role in bringing the catchy melodies and the beautiful solos that showcases on the technical skills. Returning to the onslaught of abrasive riffs on “Miscreation”, are seemingly delivered to an energetic level. And the mid tempo sections are stuffed with eerie solos with rhythm guitar providing value to the songs. Surrounded by boisterous deathly growls and loud stormy chunk of riffs. Rise of the Reaper gets heavier with each passing track, the band imposes on the massive artillery of the guitar riffs. The drums are quite pounding and acts like a backbone of the band firing on all cylinders. Entrails have found their place in the modern categories of death metal bands, more importantly they have refreshed and retained their sound rightfully. The melodic leads on the new album are channeled from the past albums “Tales from the Morgue” and “The Tomb Awaits”. It’s easy to say that Entrails has unified the melodic elements from the early work and turned the effect of the lead guitars. The massive bulldozer drumming on “The Pyre” is an evidence of the overt brutality. 

Rise of the Reaper is a quality release from this Swedish death metal band the album has equal components of brutality and melody all thrown into mixer. The melodic leads on “In the Shape of Death“. This song is an example of their latest refinement. Although I insist that the release of the album is a progressive recycle on broadening across heavy weight riffs. The role of the energetic riffs on providing power to the tracks makes them sound great. “Gravekeeper” and “Destination Death” are among the brutal tracks of the album, containing memorable riffs. In fact each and every riff and melodies here are unforgettable. Entrails still rely on the mid paced riffs and the weight of the steamroller drums, “Crawl in Your Guts” is definitely a highlight track. 

So, is the new Entrails sound raw and brutal? Catchy and melodic? The answer is absolutely yes. Continuing with the fierce sounding riffs, roaring growls and powerful drums performance. The band has kept some staggering tracks like “For Whom the Head Rolls” for the end. The album builds on strength and the driving force of the riffs, these sets of formula were generally lacking in the previous album. Suffice to say that the latest album is a step up from “World Inferno” and with the final track that brings a gloomy intro. Entrails presents their most memorable track ever. After the filler “Evil of the Night”, which is their weakest track, “Cathedral of Pain” flows in with resonance of the brutalizing main riff and acoustic parts. The latest album by Entrails is recommended for fans of old school Swedish death metal! 

Release Date: October 11th, 2019
Label: Metal Blade Records
Track list :

  1. Rise of the Reaper (Intro)
  2. For Hell
  3. Miscreation
  4. The Pyre
  5. In The Shape of the Dead
  6. Gravekeeper
  7. Destination Death
  8. Destruction
  9. Crawls in Your Guts
  10. For Whom the Head Rolls
  11. Cathedral of Pain
  12. The End (Outro)


  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals9/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork7/10
  • Originality8/10
8.4Entrails have found their place in the modern categories of death metal bands, more importantly they have refreshed and retained their sound rightfully.
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