Graceless – Shadowlands

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Graceless is a four piece band based in Leiden, South Holland. Their debut album was released under the banner of Raw Skull Recordz. Featuring members from the Dutch metal bands, mainly from Nailgun Massacre, Xenomorph, Supreme Blood Court and Soulburn. Graceless plays old school death metal with doom influences, which gives the band a variety of unique sound. With the release of their sophomore release Shadowlands they have designed a unique formula and succeeded in creating a beast of a record. The song writing and performance are set on a different level, offering nine tracks of top notch death metal. Imagine mixing old school death metal with elements of doom metal driven by excellent riffs and melodies. Graceless has applied a solid formula of mid paced, up tempo and groove death metal. Apart from the aggression and brutality Graceless seems to rise from the ashes with mid tempo quality of old school death metal. Take for example the opening track Shadowlands which blasts with tight riffs, executing some pummeling death metal.

Graceless‘ musical experience could have never been achieved without the collaboration of those members. At times when they sound thunderous and brutal like a massive bulldozer, reminding me of Supreme Blood Court. And when they execute their slower riffs with an evil touch they bring the guitar lines of SoulBurn to my memory. It’s amazing how they construct their formula adding tons of gloomy riffs.

Graceless rips you open and freeze you with their icy leads and solos. Some of the tracks which caught my attention are Sumerian Flames which is a mid tempo song and its surprising how the track progresses through the melodic sections. The album ends with two ripping tracks, Iron Tears of Mortsel and When the Last Light Fades will blow you away. Graceless has managed to release a firm record when many bands failed to impress, this is an excellent album and I recommend fans of old school death metal to fetch this record right away!

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Release date: December 6th , 2017
Label: Raw Skull Rekordz
1. Shadowlands
2. Legions of the Fallen
3. Slashed and Served
4. Heroin Filled Veins
5. Sumeriam Flames
6. We Will Be God
7. Iron Tears of Mortsel
8. When the Last Light Fades






  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality8/10
8Graceless has managed to release a firm record when many bands failed to impress.