Í Myrkri – Bag Skyggernes Slør

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Danish black metal act Í Myrkri has been presenting a unique and superlative iteration of lo-fi black metal. For the past three years Simon Garðarsson (all instruments), and Skóggangr (vocals) found a new sonic medium beside their main band Ildskær. Although Í Myrkri seems like an eerie expression the musical work is filled with a hazy aura of synth and blistering soundscapes of cold tremolo riffing. The duo has been perfecting their art of creating a chilling template and highly layered sense of dark music. “Bag Skyggernes Slør” is the third output of this project with deeply immersive nourishing tracks on imaginative and vast soundscapes.

Opening track “Stemmen fra Skoven” is devoid of gimmicks. Í Myrkri clearly understands how to apply atmospheric touches for the music is formed by layers upon layered of scathing riffs and blasting drums. While holding the key to the realm of the night, everything seems to transcend to perfection. From the opening moments of the ambient setting of the synth to the uncanny howling that will carry you to an ancient sphere beyond the veil of this mortal realm. Once the guitars kick off, the bone-chilling riffs swirls like a raging black ocean, screeching growls echoing from alien dimensions and the drums build heavy layers of blast beats. Gripping lead guitars and tremolos flowing endlessly with a sorrowful rhythm, the refined framework of the songs will make you feel fascinated by the riffing blizzard. Suddenly the storm clears out, allowing for some moments of respite. Then comes the most bewitching and grim ambient section midway through the track.

The keyboards are perfectly interwoven, ebbing and flowing like frigid winds, and although the production is somewhat nebulous all instruments sound clear. The most beautiful section of this behemoth track is on the ninth minute when the harsh growls and the mesmerizing synth intermix. “Solens Stund Svinder” oscillates between the fast and mid-paced tempo and the grim black metal growls are very high pitched. Cold freezing backdrops enfold in jagged tremolo-picked riffs, Í Myrkri channels the ferocity and the atmospheric style of black metal in such a compelling way.

Nattehvælv” offers as a dark and ambient interlude where the highly detailed work of the synth work wanders, the following track “I stjernernes Vold” conjoins the gloomy elements of the synth that clearly evoke the atmospheric aspect of Burzum’s album “Filosofem”. You will immediately perceive the ingenuity of the songwriting and composition that reflects the grim nature of Í Myrkri. The backdrop surrounding becomes more palpable and explores the morose themes, where the ambient passages quickly turn into something atmospheric. The heaviness of the guitar riffing channels through ferocious drum paces as the songwriting uncovers the hallmarks of the second wave of black metal. Even when comparing “Bag Skyggernes Slør” to other European bands you could hardly think of any similar band. 

Hinsides Skyggehavet” perfectly weaves slower paces in, with the atmospheric embodiment shining through the screeching growls. Unlike most of the atmospheric black metal bands, Í Myrkri does not rely on hyper blast beats. Having said that, the third album emits a dark and imaginative world that conjures the haunting images. The guitar provides a distinctive mood of gloominess and the cold ambient synth sweep in the background. Midway through the track, the drums pick up the pace and the tremolo-picked riffs enhance the background. The focus then shifts to the frigid aura created by the wall of the guitars the closing moments of this track are solely focused on creating an ambient environment.

Eroderet Bort af Tiden” begins with a cold tremolo rhythm and beating drums echoing like a blizzard storm. The similar nature of the synth and ambient saturation are finely layered with endless streams of tremolos. Particularly the screeching vocals and the slower tempos are prominently outstanding. Eventually, the guitar and the drums build a blistering section as the drums return to offer a furious tone of this final cut. Í Myrkri has crafted a splendid album that is based on dark supernatural themes of creatures that lurk beyond the veil of our realm. For all the quality featured on “Bag Skyggernes Slør”, this is such an entrancing album of drenched rhythm and shimmering ambiance, that makes it a rare gem in the category of atmospheric black metal records. This is highly recommended for fans of Lunar Aurora, Burzum, and Paysage d’Hiver.  

Release Date: November 30th, 2021
Label: Wolfspell Records

  1. Stemmer fra skoven
  2. Solens Stund Svinder
  3. Nattehvælv
  4. I Stjernernes Vold
  5. Hinsides skyggehavet
  6. Eroderet Bort af Tiden


  • Music10/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics10/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork10/10
  • Originality9/10
9.6Í Myrkri's third album "Bag Skyggernes Slør" perfectly fits in the sublime category of atmospheric lo-fi black metal the songwriting is nothing short of captivating. The duo Simon Garðarsson and Skóggangr took the lo-fi style of black metal to new inconceivable domains.
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