Battle Beast – Circus Of Doom

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While two of Battle Beast‘s singles ‘Master Of Illusion‘ and ‘Where Angels Fear To Fly‘ left me hoping for a bit more, in the whole of the new album they fit perfectly. Altogether the album works great as union, even though »Circus of Doom« is not a strict concept album, all the songs really help each other to bring out the best in each other. After quite a few rounds of listening I still find it difficult to single out the best or worst songs, as the whole album is of a really high quality, no song really stands out much in either direction. Personally I might like the three songs by Joona BjörkrothEye Of The Storm‘, ‘Freedom‘ and ‘Armageddon‘ a little more then the rest, he just has a style that perfectly fits my taste and his lyrics are always on point.

In many ways, »Circus of Doom«still sounds exactly like our older battle hymns: infectious melodies, grandiose emotions, intriguing solos and ambiguous lyrics are still there. However, as we have done in particular with the previous two albums »Bringer of Pain«(2017) and »No More Hollywood Endings« (2019), we have also boldly brought in new flavours and twists – for both song writing and production

says Janne Björkroth

I couldn’t agree more. »Circus of Doom«, in a way, has the same feeling as Battle Beast‘s older works, but it also adds a lot of new aspects to the mix.

“Overall, our definitive goal was to make an interesting, versatile and absorbing work of heavy metal art, which benefits from captivating and powerful production. We wanted both a little bit lighter party songs and evidently heavier bangers and everything in between.

And that’s what they did. With ‘Russian Roulette‘ definitely on the lighter side and ‘Place That We Call Home‘ on the heavier side. But no matter which song, Noora manages to sound great in all of them, she truly is a queen of the modern metal scene.

While listening to the songs on YouTube I was a little worried as the mix seemed kinda flat on there, but luckily this is much better on the actual record, so be sure to check out the songs on different platforms if the mix doesn’t seem right. The production of »Circus of Doom« was, as usual, done by Battle Beast‘s very own Janne Björkroth.

Release Date: January 21, 2022
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

  1. Circus Of Doom 4:57
  2. Wings Of Light 4:06
  3. Master Of Illusion 4:08
  4. Where Angels Fear To Fly 3:56
  5. Eye Of The Storm 4:26
  6. Russian Roulette 4:15
  7. Freedom 3:43
  8. The Road To Avalon 4:29
  9. Armageddon 3:42
  10. Place That We Call Home 3:46

Noora Louhimo | vocals 
Eero Sipilä | bass 
Joona Björkroth | guitars 
Juuso Soinio | guitars 
Janne Björkroth | keyboards 
Pyry Vikki | drums 



  • Music:9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals:9/10
  • Production/Mix:8/10
  • Artwork/Packaging:8/10
  • Originality:9/10
8.6Although 'Circus of Doom' is not a strict concept album the songs work very well together as a union. All songs are of really high quality, without any runaways in either direction. »Circus of Doom« has the same feeling then Battle Beasts older works, but it also adds a lot of new flavours to the mix.
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