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Imminence popped up on my screen when they released their previous album ‘This is Goodbye’ in 2017. An album that was comparable with the style and the power of Bring Me the Horizon. The first song on Imminence‘s album This is Goodbye, also called ‘This is Goodbye’, even had a lot of ‘Throne’ vibes. A song on Bring Me the Horizons That’s the Spirit album that got released in 2015.

Anyway, leaving this argument aside, because you know, riffs can sound alike sometimes. I was really overwhelmed by Imminence‘s album and I loved the sound of it. A really emotional and energetic album at the same time. I’m really curious how their new album ‘Turn the Light On’ is going to sound. My hopes are high, let’s see if they can lift it even higher.

The first song ‘Erase’ is about dark thoughts, wanting to erase these thoughts, but having trouble doing that. Screaming for help but nobody really knows how to help you. The line that’s following me is ‘Turn the light on’. A cry to get out of the dark. That’s also this album’s title. I have the feeling this album is going to be very emotional and strong once again. But, with the message to keep trying to turn the light on, or to try and be positive.

“The new Imminence album is called Turn The Light On, which encourages to shed light on the darkness we carry within. The lyrical theme of the record is inner conflict, self-doubt, depression and self-destruction. Music has always been, and now more than ever, an outlet and a way for me to cope with these emotions. This is my testimony to my mental ill-health. It is the most soul-baring, personal and important piece of work we have ever made as a band.”

Says lead singer Eddy Berg.

Paralyzed’ accentuates the feeling that you are alone. Paralyzed, even though you want to do everything, nothing really happens.

‘Room to Breathe’ overwhelmed me with the way depression is explained here. It’s clear, yet so incomprehensible. ‘I can’t find the words to explain how nothing feels like. I’m lost inside the darkness, and can’t see the light’. Then there’s also a line that shows me that depressed people are so scared, scared of these dark thoughts. ‘I always thought I would be something more than this. This fear will be the death of me’. I’m lucky to say that I’ve never experienced depression, but this sh*t sounds scary, more than scary.

Every song speaks about another feeling of depression. It never mentioned the word depression itself, but it’s clear it’s about these dark thoughts. It’s an amazing album for people who experience these thoughts to explain themselves to other people who might not understand these feelings. It’s difficult to hear the following words, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel: ‘Turn the Light On’.

I like how the album cover shows a rather cheerful image: their logo filled with roses and a white background. Looks positive right? And then you find the content of this album is so dark, so intense. This has a double meaning as people who experience these thoughts also often look happy on the outside, but nobody knows what’s going on inside.

This album is a melodic metalcore/alternative metal album with the powerful voice Eddy Berg. They also use a violin in the song ‘Infectious’. It gives so much power to the melodic parts and the screaming gives so much power to the loud parts. The whispering makes the dark feelings sound dreadful. Yet again I’m in love with this album. I didn’t expect to much, it definitely lives up to those expectations. And yet again I’m lost for words after listening to this.

Just one last thing comes to mind when listening to the last song, ‘Love & Grace’. It sounds like a goodbye form the person that’s been talking about his dark feelings throughout this whole album. So powerful, but also so sad. It left me with tears.

Release date: April 26, 2019.
Label: Arising Empire

  1. Erase
  2. Paralyzed
  3. Room to Breathe
  4. Saturated Soul
  5. Infectious
  6. The Sickness
  7. Death of You
  8. Scars
  9. Disconnected
  10. Wake Me Up
  11. Don’t Tell a Soul
  12. Lighthouse
  13. Love & Grace


  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals 10/10
  • Production/Mix8/10
  • Artwork/Packaging8/10
  • Originality 10/10
9Imminence's latest is an amazing album for people who experience dark thoughts to explain themselves to other people who might not understand these feelings. It’s difficult to hear the following words, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel: ‘Turn the Light On’.
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