Invent Animate – Heavener

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Invent Animate is an American progressive metalcore band formed in 2011. After releasing 2 great albums called 'Everchanger' (2014) and 'Stillworld' (2016) longtime vocalist Ben English decided to leave the band. But they searched for a replacement and found it in the form of Marcus Vik and released 'Greyview' in 2020 and their fan base became even bigger. And now here is album number 4. Everybody knows that with their 4th album you can make it or break it, so let's see, shall we.

We take off with ‘Absence Persistent’ that has the signature sound of Invent Animate but with the heavenly voice of Marcus Vik who has gotten all the freedom he wants. And he takes this chance with both hands. He screams, growls and sings his way through this album. We continue with ‘Shade Astray’ that has become my absolute favorite of this album. The chorus just stays in your head for the rest of the day, and together with the progressive core elements, it is just magic. With ‘Labyrinthine’ they take it up a notch but still with the clean vocals mixed within and some breakdown elements. This is the new and improved Invent Animate. ‘Without A Whisper’ is another beauty. They know how to nicely blend his clean vocals within all the brutality that take the music to a higher level. And then there is ‘False Meridian’ that shows Invent Animate is ready for the big next step with the progressive elements, groovy riffs, clean vocals mixed with some screams and growls and a massive ending. We slow a little bit down with ‘Reverie’ the slowest song on this album, and it fits nicely with all the brutality.

After slowing down we are ready for round 2 with ‘Immolation Of Night’ with a sound that stands for itself with a massive breakdown as surprise. They got us with ‘Purity Weeps’ thinking again about slowing down, but then they break it all down with a wall of sound with some technical, skilled guitar riffs. Going further with ‘Void Surfacing’ with Markus Vik giving the best he can. We end the album with 2 typical and more technical songs called ‘Emberglow’ and ‘Elysium’ that end this album beautifully and the only thing you can do and will do is hit play again.

To everybody who had their doubts that the fourth album wouldn’t be a masterpiece. Well, think again because their fourth album will be the start of something great. Welcome to the big league, Invent Animate!


  • Music / Songwriting 9/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 10/10
  • Mix / Production 9/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 8/10

With the release of their fourth album ‘Heavener’ they are ready to battle with the big boys. Watch out, because here they come.

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