J.B.O. – Planet Pink

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What to say but music is a global language and J.B.O. offer some fun-metal that will get your parties going. For more than 30 years they noised themselves thru a lot of cover songs, lyrics loaded with sexually innuendo and a very special kind of humor.  J.B.O. is the most fun if you are native German language speaker or at least if you are familiar with German wordplay, ambiguous terms and sexual connotations. Having to create an album under the current and very strange pandemic, bands find different ways of working together. Instead of sharing a sofa this time, the songwriting process took place via phone between the two masterminds of the band, Vito C. and Hannes „G.Laber“ Holzmann (both vocals and guitar). The line-up of the band is completed with Ralph Bach (bass) and Wolfram Kellner (drums).

The outcome is an album called ‘Planet Pink’. This may shall be our place of refuge from Covid19, ecological disasters and increasing beer prices(!!!). J.B.O. are inviting us to go on that trip if we think that earth might not be as cosy as it seems. And to start with it the album opening song is ‘Planet Pink’ – a cover version of the well-known (and in the metal scene probably well-hated) ‘Blue (da ba dee)’ from Eiffel65 released originally back in 1999. My instant and serious prayers were: please do not cover this video with pink aliens instead of blue ones! Another cover song on this album is well-known too: John Miles‘Music was my first love’ from 1976 was turned into ‘Metal was my first love’ by J.B.O. – and a metal song it is. The orchestral parts were replaced into a bandwidth of guitars with the help of Vito’s classic amps collection. And this song is in English language! Even sung with heavy Franconian accent you’ll be able to understand.

Accompanying these covers are the self-composed J.BO. songs. ‘Einhorn’ (Unicorn) with clearly wonderfully ambiguous lyrics, and I guess I do not have to explain here in further detail. ‘Rockmusik hat mich versaut’ (Rock music ruined me) is a payoff towards haters of distorted guitars and rock music. Overall the album offers 11 songs and one track spoken track. The track ‘Expeditionen in Geistreich’ is a long lasting spoken wordplay in German language – that will definitely be only easy to understand for people with good German language skills and otherwise will come across as a list of bad jokes. Even if you skip that track, you’re still gonna have a good and fun party soundtrack with this album. Get your friends together have some drinks, fun and listen to J.B.O.’s ‘Planet Pink’ album. And for all German readers: Guter Sauf- und Party-Metal! 

Release date: 18 March 2022
Label: AFM Records
Track list:

  1. Planet Pink
  2. Rockmusik Hat Mich Versaut
  3. Metal Was My First Love
  4. Immer Noch Am Leben
  5. Einhorn
  6. Expeditionen Ins Geistreich
  7. Klassiker!
  8. Nicht Doof
  9. Mi-Ma-Metal
  10. Glaub Mir Lieber Nicht
  11. Wir Kommen Alle In Die Hölle
  12. Volks-Prog


  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production/Mix8/10
  • Artwork7/10
  • Originality9/10
8This is a fun-party-metal album! Most fun if you have good German language skills. Put it on and let your party run! You know what you expect from J.B.O. and they deliver! Recommended! Looking forward to see them perform this live soon. But don't forget to skip track 6 for uninterrupted party fun if you lack those language skills. ;-)
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