Necrophobic – Mark Of The Necrogram

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Swedish cult black/death metal masters Necrophobic return with their eight studio album entitled Mark of the Necrogram. After two decades of departure the band released a statement in 2014 announcing their reunion with the former vocalist. Anders Strokirk made his first appearance on the band’s classic album The Nocturnal Silence. With the strongest line-up to date the time has come for Necrophobic to unleash hell upon the world. Since the early 90’s Necrophobic has presented a skillful output, their substantial role will always be remembered as one of the pioneers of 90’s underground metal. Hence, Necrophobic returns to claim their stolen throne and to renew their oath. As the Scandinavian veterans once again open the gates to hell and invoke their infernal opus.

Mark of the Necrogram is to set new standards towards their glorious epoch. Throughout their inclusive discography the Swedish masters have released unforgettable masterpieces such as The Nocturnal Silence and Dark Side. Necrophobic makes their dignified return to teach a lesson in black metal, the ambition to create such an album like Mark of the Necrogram had to pass into sophisticated degree of professional talents. The album title track was premiered in January 2018, and it stirred the fans reaction with absolute astonishment.


Necrophobic drew more attention with another track to prove that they have retrieved their form inclusively. The skillful guitar riffs are demonstrated in Odium Caecum and Tsar Bomba. The piercing riffs and melodies that once gave Necrophobic their identity are once again surging with dynamic power. Take for instance the thrashing blackened guitars that makes Tsar Bomba so possessive, and catchy yet with temporal grooves.


Lamashtu strikes with demonic riffs making this track one of the many highlights on this album, whereas Pesta has its own sinister tune, performed with outstanding quality. Each track is composed with such mind blowing superiority. It is surely the awe inspiring essence of the 90’s Swedish black metal where Necrophobic are expert in. Requiem for a Dying Sun incarnates a darker tempo, the solos are stellar, as for the vocals they blends perfectly with the song. Crown of Horns is executed with tremendous rumbling bass lines from Alex Friberg, the twin guitars are slightly technical in this track. The unity between Sebastian Ramstedt And Johan Bergebäck is central. Joakim Sterner, who is one of the founding members of Necrophobic, accomplishes his drumming duty with brilliance. The album contains an abundance of melodies and obscure harmonies. From The Great Above to the Great Below is prefaced with diabolical tunes, and delivered with perfect unity.

Mark of the Necrogram is a lengthy album containing 10 tracks of superb blackened metal. And certainly it will be on regular rotation for many fans of black and death metal. Necrophobic makes a great advantage from their song writing, as the last track includes an euphoric instrumental piece entitled Undergangen. Necrophobic credibility comes from the cohesiveness of the professional line-up.That undoubtedly made this album such a masterpiece of Scandinavian blackened metal. Therefore it is to be deemed that Mark of the Necrogram is Necrophobic’s best album since Death to All.

Release date : February 23rd, 2018
Label: Century Media Records
1.Mark of the Necrogram
2.Odium Caecum
3.Tsar Bomba
7.Requiem for a Dying Sun
8.Crown of Horns
9.From the Great Above to the Great Below


  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals9/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality9/10
9The Scandinavian veterans once again open the gates to hell and invoke their infernal opus with their best album since "Death to All".