Outre-Tombe – Abysse Mortifère

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When Outre-Tombe emerged to the scene in 2010, they immediately became one of the staples in the Canadian underground death metal. Three years after releasing the sophomore “Nécrovortex” the Québecois powerhouse of Crachat (vocals, bass), Désastre (guitars), Cobra (guitars), and Vitesse (drums) brings forth another visceral form of primitive old school death metal. With its concise tone of crude guitars and frenzy vocals presented on the band’s third album “Abysse Mortifère”, it is a roller coaster gallop of intense death/thrash metal riffing. The overwhelming force of aggression proves that the songwriting of the band has always been succinct and packed full of old-school riffs.

The escalating overture of the rolling drums and towering solos on the album opener “Abysse Mortifère” prepares you for violent mayhem. The chainsaw tone of the guitars kicks into full gear before the onslaught of the guttural growls unleashes a vicious take on raw death metal. The bludgeoning drums bring on fierce aggression, but that’s not all as the second track “Cenobytes” opens at a faster pace, the shrewd musicianship of the quartet increases the violence. Outre-Tombe takes significant aspects from the Swedish death metal and old school thrash metal and by fusing these crucial amalgams, they push the dynamics constantly throughout the duration of thirty-six minutes.  

Vocalist/bassist Crachat delivers his signature style of blood-curdling screams, being one of the unique features of the band, the entirety of the songs are sung in the Canadian-French language. After releasing two fabulous albums, Outre-Tombe this time provide enough diversity to the nine tracks. The album is structured on mid-tempos but you should expect plenty of violent paces brought by the drummer Vitesse. The overwhelming weight of the guitars unleashes waves of the vortex, the sadistic tone of the drums is pushed to create powerful intensity. The band maintains the hallmark style despite the obvious nuances of bands like Asphyx and Pestilence that make their sound raw and vicious.

Guitarist Cobra has sculpted some inspiring thrash metal riffs and they’re brilliantly displayed on “Coupe Gorge”. Injecting the metallic heaviness, the guitar riffs are honed as sharp blades even though the songs this time feel less dynamic, the whole focus is put on the mid-tempo where the solos are interminably unleashed. Like tides of hellish whirlwinds, they are interlaced with acute riffs. The pacing of the thundering drums, ranging from the continuous hammering strikes to double bass, while the guitar department alternate with unleashing fiery solos. The riffs capture the classic tonality of the eighties and early nineties death metal.

The unceasing hostility of the bashing blows of the battery on “Desossé” gets caught up with storming solos and brutal riffs. The album is full of twists and complex song structures. For instance Outre-Tombe manifests its idiom to capture the core of brutal thrash/death metal. The sense of morbidity is flawlessly conveyed by the strength of the dual guitars while the extreme side of the band is displayed on tracks like “Exsangue”.

While “Tombeau de Glace” is built on dense guitar riffing, the quartet ensures that their barbarity is intact, generally, the songs lack melodies and lead guitars but instead the rhythm guitar imbues the songs with raw quality. The riffing patterns are loaded with thrashing riffs. “Haut et Court” is notable for the groove section in the mid-tempo and suddenly the guitars fires out some shredding solos. Musically “Abysse Mortifère” shows variations in tempo where the songs are equally oriented to sound raw and primitive.

The result is an adrenaline ride that provides instant energy, the guttural performance of the vocalist is somehow reminiscent of the Dutch death metal band Asphyx. The album also evokes tons of old-school bands such as Death, Dismember, Entombed, and many others. Fueled by the fires of hell, Outre-Tombe delivers an untamed mess of utter violence on tracks like “Nécrophage”, which begins with a hysteric drumming and roaring frenzy growls. The closing track “Haruspex” begins with a memorable guitar note, then suddenly the guitars and drums increase at a faster pace. 

Straight into the mouth of hell where the booming percussion rumbles loud amid the maddening chaos and morbid sounds of the netherworld sweeps with the frantic furies. “Abysse Mortifère” is a raw-sounding death metal album full of tight riffs and mauling percussion. 

Release Date: October 31st, 2021
Label: Temple of Mystery Records

  1. Abysse Mortifère
  2. Cenobytes
  3. Coupe-gorge
  4. Desossé
  5. Exsangue
  6. Tombeau de Glace
  7. Haut et Court
  8. Nécrophage
  9. Haruspex


  • Music9/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics9/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality8/10
8.4Outre-Tombe's third full-length album “Abysse Mortifère” is a roller coaster gallop of intense death/thrash metal riffing.
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