Parasite Inc. – Cyan Night Dreams

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With 'Cyan Night Dreams' PARASITE INC. presents themselves in a new sound robe that is different from before. An album with a lot of musical contrasts is only partly novelty for PARASITE INC though, since they have been surprising the world with their unique interpretation of melodic death metal from the inception of their career.

Since their formation in 2007, the four-piece from Aalen have published an internationally extremely convincing demo, two studio albums as well as a live record.

Building on this successful foundation, ten songs were created during the pandemic in the band’s own studio under the title ‘Cyan Night Dreams’, which yet again showcases a musical development towards an even more independent sound.  The result is an album filled with variations, in which some songs are fiercer and more aggressive, while others bring the melodic facets of the band to the surface. It refines the band’s unique sound and trademark.

‘Cyan Night Dreams’ begins with an extensive 2.36 min instrumental intro. What is it about this intro thing these days…. Seems like no record will be released without one, no stage appearance without it. The first song ‘I Am’ is a high speed brutal smashing song, where this time is not much left of ‘melodic’. This is quite different from the usual Parasite Inc. songs to me. You will always know it is Parasite Inc..Going on with ‘First Born’ which has some pleasing guitar harmony parts in it. It is clear that the roots of Parasite Inc. is still there: fast passages with slower parts and changes in the tempo of the songs. Title track ‘Cyan Night Dreams’ follows with their trademark growling parts and clear vocals, nice! This is the highlight of the album to me. ‘In False Light’ is a little slower song, followed by another really slow, short instrumental, the piano dominated ‘Osmium’. ‘Follow the blind’ concludes by gaining a little more speed again and massive growls. This is what makes me so confused about this album:  these slower parts take up quite a lot of space here. And this goes all the way through the album to the end, except for ‘Into Destruction’ which really hits hard and more powerful from start to end.


From songwriting and production to graphic design, the German melodeathers have once again developed an overall concept that perfectly reflects the dark mood of the songs. The album was mixed and mastered by Aljoscha Sieg and Seb Monzel.


Kai Bigler – Vocals, Guitar, Synths
Dominik Sorg – Guitar
Lucien Mosesku – Bass
Benjamin Stelzer – Drums, Synths

Even after several times listening through the album completely, I’m still not sure if  the development is either for the better or for the worse. You have to listen for yourself. Parasite Inc. have came up with a solid album, but it never really knocked me off my seat like its predecessors did.


  • Music / Songwriting 8/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 8/10
  • Mix / Production 8/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 8/10

Perfect production. The Parasite Inc. sound that you will expect with their own unique interpretation of melodic death metal. A solid album but not something that really hit me to its  full extent. A solid 8.

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