Album Reviews

Thulcandra’s fourth album ‘Hail The Abyss’ offers a whole new set of blackened melodies. The Bavarian act has ripened the quality of their song-craft, displaying furious tempos and a melodic approach to black/death metal. Out on Napalm Records.

On their seventh album “Katharsis” Keep of Kalessin unfolds a formidable array of blazing riffs, majestic symphonic arrangements and epic song structures combined with rapid ferocity, mastermind Obsidian Claw may have delivered his best outing since the band’s 2006 album “Armada”. Out via Back on Black!

Parasite Inc.’s new album ‘Cyan Night Dreams’ continues their unique take on melodic death metal. Out via Reaper Entertainment.

Thulcandra’s sonic permutation recaptures the soulful essence that defines the majesty of the Swedish melodic black/death metal.

Night Crowned’s debut album ‘Impius Viam’ is an extremely fast-paced album with unhinged tempos due to the energetic variations.