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Ok, I know I'm a bit late to this one. Although I am a fan of Steel Panther’s music, the topic and the song progress seems repetitive after some time. Even their shows have a ‘seen it once, seen it all’ feeling. This is my judgement before listening to the album. Let’s hope Steel Panther has something special up their sleeves to change my mind. This is their sixth album, but the first one with new bassist Spyder and the first album that’s self released. Let’s see what they brought us.

First single and opener of the album ‘Never Too Late’ really gets into that glam feeling. Some catchy riffs come out and you’re head banging right from the start. Even throughout the first listen to this song, it get’s a bit repetitive and I feel like I’ve heard it before. It is catchy though, so it depends which side you’re on if you think it’s good or bad that it’s stuck into your head straight away. 

Another long intro on the video of ‘Friends With Benefits’, one about balls. The album doesn’t have it, that one goes straight to business. The harmonics on this one are amazing, as are the solo parts on this song. Yes, parts, plural solo’s. Big ones and tiny ones. The riff seems rather simple compared to the rest of the song, but it definitely is a solid song.

‘On Your Instagram’ is a power ballad about a girl on Instagram, and that’s about the summary of this song. Heavier choruses and acoustic verses.
‘Put My Money Where Your Mouth’ is feels like the music and the vocals don’t fit together for some reason. It feels like something is stuck in that song, no pun intended. It doesn’t roll off smoothly.

‘1987 ‘is a catchy glamrock song about how things used to be, how music used to be back then. I don’t understand the tiny solo parts on acoustic guitar in the beginning in the song, but if you give it time, the electric guitars come in and this song rocks. Lead singer Micheal Starr and lead guitarist Satchel’s voices sound great together and create great harmonies.

‘Teleporter’ blasts right from your speakers. It’s fast and pure heavy metal. Up until the chorus. For some reason the chorus feels a bit off from the rest of the song. All of a sudden it’s there and it feels pushed in (also, no pun intended). The verses, both vocals and instruments, sound amazing together.

‘Is My Dick Enough’ starts with an old school rock sounding riff, followed by a lead guitar doing a solo with a real vibe. Of course the title of the song already tells you where the song is about. But besides that, a real nice old school rock song with some Alice Cooper vibes.

‘Magical Vagina’, never thought I’d be typing those two words after another. The song opens with a magical flare and a clean electric guitar. The chorus is heavier and more modern sounding.
‘All That and More’, the follow up to ‘Is My Dick Enough’. In this song, his dick is all that and more. This on top of a calm rock song with long strums on the electric guitar and a faster chorus. The song gives everything and goes hard into a heavy metal breakdown near the end.

‘One Pump Chump’, a song that sounds like a reverse ‘Gloryhole’. If you hear it, you’ll know what I mean. A fast and hard heavy metal song.
‘Pornstar’ has a ‘Girl From Oklahoma’ vibe. A mostly acoustic song that they are probably going to sing to girls on stage.
‘Ain’t Dead Yet’ is another acoustic song. That’s more acoustic stuff than normal for a Steel Panther album. A beautiful acoustic guitar guides you through the song. Too bad they can’t be serious for once and make a song that’s not about sex. I’ve been listening to sex jokes for the past 40 minutes. By now, I’ve laughed, I’ve rocked out, but it’s also just too much, too over sexualized. I hoped this album would bring something different than they usually do, but it didn’t. Their music rocks and is amazing, but again a 45 minute album about dicks and vaginas…

‘Closer Sleeping on the Rollaway’ gives you one more heavy glam song before the album ends.

It’s funny, catchy, it has humor, but it’s also repetitive and sexual. Let’s be honest here: don’t listen to Steel Panther, if you can’t handle dirty jokes. 


  • Music / Songwriting 7/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 6/10
  • Mix / Production 7/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 9/10
  • Originality 6/10

Their music is good, but sometimes I feel like they’re more focussed on the sexual part, which is a shame, because they are very good musicians. That’s why my score on this one is not the highest and not the lowest. It’s good, but also too much.

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