Suicide Silence – Remember…You Must Die

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Suicide Silence is an American deathcore band founded in 2002 with Mitch Lucker. Sadly, their frontman and face of the band passed away in a motorcycle accident in 2012. The band picked up the pieces and after a year of silence they came back with Eddie Hermida from All Shall Perish as new vocalist of the band. And now they're back with their 7th album the fourth already with Hermida.

As stated before they lost their frontman and released the first album with Hermida in 2014. But it was not the same. They made 3 albums with Mitch and his heritage was bigger than expected. With the release of the self-titled album ‘Suicide Silence’ they went really off the rails with the introduction of clean vocals. This wasn’t Suicide Silence and the fans agreed. And then they came back harder, back to basics, no clean vocals: just Suicide Silence. ‘Become The Hunter’ released in 2020, but then Covid came, and it was lost into oblivion. But for their new album ‘Remember…You Must Die’ they went all the way. Coming back to Century Media that released Mitch Lucker era classics such as ‘No Time To Bleed’ (2009) and ‘You Only Live Once’. (2011) And like they stated: ‘If a song or riff wasn’t as heavy as possible it wouldn’t made the record.’ Let’s check it out’.

‘Remember…’ an intro, the start of some heavy shit. And there it is: ‘You Must Die’ and they’re back. Back to basics with heavy, brutal, pounding drums, riffs that go all the way. And Hermida that shows he’s an excellent replacement for Mitch Lucker. He could never be him, but he does an awesome job of doing what he loves. With ‘Capable Of Violence’ we already see that this is not going to be a very soft album. Hard, harder, Suicide Silence. The sound goes back to ‘The Cleansing’ the first album they released back in 2007. ‘Fucked For Life’ starts with a very heavy, brutal riff that carry’s the song, and we get some additions from Hermida on vocals and Ernie Iniguez on drums but still brutal as fuck. ‘Kill Forever’ has a Cannibal Corpse attitude and it sounds very good. George Fisher aka Corpsegrinder would be proud. No time slowing down with ‘God Be Damned’ that also had some elements from Cannibal Corpse. Some experimental influences with the brutal death metal sound. Good job guys.

‘Altar Of Self’ goes back to Suicide Silence being purely Suicide Silence. It doesn’t stop with ‘Endless Dark’ and we slowly realise that Suicide Silence really is back. The deathcore machine it once was, is back. And what a headbang classic will ‘The Third Death’ become. We are coming near the end, but we ain’t done yet we still have a few songs left. ‘Be Deceived’ that still has some punches left or ‘Dying Life’ that has Suicide Silence written all over it but with some adjustments of what Suicide Silence is today. We end this album with ‘Full Void’ a song that pushes to 6 minutes and gives us a review of what we have gotten today. With the typical voice of Eddie Hermida, pounding drums and the heavy brutal riffs, and it’s my absolute favorite of this album. And it ends with the words “You Must Die”. Suicide Silence has killed it.

Suicide Silence has suprised me in every way possible. Their previous album went by me unnoticed, but this one didn’t, and they are back with a vengeance. Suicide Silence is back in business.


  • Music / Songwriting 8/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 8/10
  • Mix / Production 8/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 8/10

Suicide Silence went back to the roots and gives us a classic album that goes back to the brutal debut album ‘The Cleansing.’

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