Hyperdontia – Deranged

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The supreme inauguration of the internationally-based death metal act Hyperdontia quickly placed itself in the category of one of the brutal death metal bands in the genre today. The four-piece Malik Çamlıca (bass), Tuna (drums), Mustafa Gürcalioğlu (lead guitars), and, Mathias Friborg (guitars, vocals) released two albums and three EPs and shifted their style from cavernous death metal to more brutal sound. The newest EP “Deranged” released by Me Saco un Ojo Records (vinyl), Dark Descent Records (CD), and Dessicated Productions (Tape) on March 15th, 2023 defines the technical skills of the individuals, the four songs cement the classic gory style of U.S. death metal.

While much has been said about the band’s first full-length album “Nexus of Teeth” and the follow-up album “Hideous Entity”, Hyperdontia mastered the approach and propelled the songwriting to an uncompromising level. The opening track “Nauseous Hallucinations” is bludgeoning death metal in your face. Firstly the monstrous growls and the thickness of the guitar riffs can definitely be described as barbaric and the blast beats are in abundance here. To a great extent, Hyperdontia showcases a gigantic sound offering something more relentless and brutally extreme. Despite the layered guitar solos Hyperdontia acquired the old-school rotten stench of classic Cannibal Corpse. Frantic bludgeoning drums and visceral riff-craft laden with hooks and the bass guitar is the most notable element on this EP perfectly fits in every song and the performance is flawlessly achieved.

The following track “Deluded” features some killer guitar solos and outstanding drumming, the guitar’s grimy riffs are as complex, organic, and pummeling. The riffing is tight with emphasis on the bass guitar and the tempos are extremely brutal. Gut-churning riffs render ferocious violence that also exemplifies the gory growls setting the tone for blood-spewing mayhem. The faster tempos are oriented with frantic paces of the drums and there are plenty of grooves and chunky riffs that are well-placed in the slower sections. While it’s clear that the latest EP “Deranged” is a continuation of the band’s second album Hyperdontia seemingly strengthened the overall sound of the guitars.

The guitars keep a firm grip on the chunky riffs and the guttural growls bring the grimy vomitus atmosphere, besides the first two tracks Hyperdontia showcases not only the brute force of the drums but solid technique as well. “Gagging In Colvulsion” expands upon the gory convulsions of the blistering drums and the chunky guitars bashing your skulls with gory riffs. The track also features some heavy pounding and catchy bass guitar with the guitar solos being textured atop the rattling drums showing the cohesive inspired songwriting formula.

Hyperdontia has aimed for a nasty and brutal sound on the latest outing there’s no doubt that the quartet has presented its most extreme and bludgeoning opus to date. Hence, there is wide variation in the guitar riffing and the drumming paces and the bass guitar chords are constantly shifting through each of the songs. The final track “Degradations of the Flesh” accentuates the guttural performance which apparently adds depth to the opening moments of the song.

Opting for a raw and brutal classic sound, Hyperdontia reinvent outstanding techniques and despite the songwriting somehow leaning towards the technical aspects of death metal combining atonal bass guitar, the result has clearly exceeded the effort of the sophomore. The drums on this track utilize some killer double bass, and extremely powerful eruptions grinding out sporadically in the slower tempos, with a backbone of monstrous riffs that define the elements of the composition. Apart from the low guttural work of the vocals in providing a slow cavernous atmosphere the track somehow is fixed at a mid-tempo range that somehow uncovers new refinement of the band.


  • Music / Songwriting 9/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 9/10
  • Mix / Production 9/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 10/10

“Deranged” is overwhelmingly brutal and full of gore-soaked growls and sick horrific guitar riffs, and comes highly recommended for fans of old school brutal death metal.

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