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What can I say? Almost everybody that’s into metal has to have seen something from this band by now. Would it be the song where it all started: ‘Hypa Hypa’, or the new mega hits that got millions of views in days like ‘We Got the Moves’ and 'Pump It'. Or would it be the sold out European tour or the partially sold out American tour? Electric Callboy has found their style: metalcore blended with electronics, and they are sharing it with the world. Let me take you on a tour through this album.

Pump It’ is the opening track of this album. Right form the start, the energy level goes from 0 to 100. No build ups, just straight to the point and energetic. Electric Callboy is seen dancing in 80’s training outfits, you know, the kind of outfits that are usually worn by people who want to look like they always go to the gym, but never do. Drummer David Friedrich is even seen running on a treadmill while playing drums. The most badass moment in this song is when scream vocalist Kevin Ratajczak says the words “pump it” right before the breakdown. All the instruments are silent and you just hear these two, low spoken, words. 

From this gem, we go to the next. ‘We Got the Moves’ is the song where the term ‘pigeoning’ got introduced into the Electric Callboy realm. The music video shows the band in black t-shirts with white vests over them and brown bowl cuts. The song gives you a sexy beat that makes your head bob, which is shown in the video. With the lyric “We don’t need no club, all we need is the sun“, the vibe of this song is loud and clear. ‘Spaceman’ is the third single of this album. An amazing song with German verses sung by Finch. Another party song with a super nice electric guitar riff boosted by electronics after the chorus. That part just makes you want to hear the song over and over again.

‘Fuckboi’ got released a few months later. Less of the usual craziness, a song in collaboration with all female band Conquer Divide. The sound of this song could be described as 90’s Avril Lavigne mixed with electronics. A mix I haven’t heard before, but it’s very catchy to say the least. The video shows the band in a skate park and a sing off between lead singer Nico Sallach and Conquer Divide’s lead singer Kiarely Castillo is going on.

Just after Alcatraz festival, we got the announcement for ‘Hurrikan’. At Alcatraz festival, I already asked Nico for what song they were filming a video, since they announced that Tekkno was going to be released one week later because a video they still had to film. Nico couldn’t tell me which song it was, but he could tell me that there were two video’s coming, and that one would be announced very soon. That turned out to be true. And man, I think you have to watch ‘Hurrikan’ to understand what this song is. It starts with German schlager music, then half way, it turns into the heaviest breakdown ever, zombies included. It’s a short song, and it all happens very fast. So after it’s over, your brain needs a second to process what just happened.

If you thought we got most of the cool songs before the album came out, well you’re wrong. Because Tekkno is simply full of awesome music. ‘Mindreader‘ has a mysterious electronic opening. Then a melody comes in, it fades away slowly. Kevin comes in with his screams and these killer drums by David create this headbangable beat. The chorus comes up very melodic. I love the contrast between the heavy verses and the clean chorus. Something that’s done throughout the album, but is especially noticeable on this song. 

‘Arrow of Love’ sounds like Tomorrowland and Wacken Open Air had a child. Maybe a bit too much editing on Nico’s voice on this one, but we all know that the guy can sing so I don’t mind. It’s the song I have had on repeat since I got the album. ‘Parasite’ might be the heaviest song on the album. A heavy beat from start to finish. Soft speaking vocals are opening the song, but screaming vocals follow shortly after. It’s fast-paced and upbeat, and it has the most natural electronics in it. Meaning that it blends perfectly with the electric guitars. This makes this song feel as the best example of an Electric Callboy song: the best of two worlds: the electronics and the metalcore combined. Also known as electronicore.

‘Tekkno Train’ simply had the funniest lyrics. Shaky shaky sweaty sweaty You make my spaghetti readyis a good example. But around the funny lyrics, there’s amazing music. From the heaviest breakdowns to an almost poppy sounding chorus, it’s all there. ‘Neon’ is very dreamy sounding. In the chorus, Nico goes all out with his voice. you can hear him singing on the top of his lungs. It’s a calmer song to close the album with, but definitely not a bad way to wrap it up.

Some people may think Electric Callboy (formerly known as Eskimo Callboy) are only able to create party songs, but if you listen to an album like this in full, you hear serious songs, party songs, a mix between the two and all of it is simply killer. Electric Callboy manages to create amazing songs on CD and create the same party at the comfort of your own home as at their live shows. I’ve been at a couple of their shows already, and I will be at many more. If you want to be part of their live experience, they’re in the UK and France starting from next week, then the US in October and their next show in Belgium is going to be at the Lotto Arena in Antwerp while on the Tekkno Tour 2023. As I’m writing this, there are still tickets available. Lets treat them to a sold out show!

Electric Callboy is:
Kevin Ratajczak – Vocals, Keyboard
Nico Sallach – Vocals
Daniel Haniß – Guitar
Pascal Schillo – Guitar
Daniel Klossek – Bass
David Friedrich – Drums


  • Music / Songwriting 10/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 9/10
  • Mix / Production 10/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 10/10

Electric Callboy manages to create amazing songs on CD and create the same party at the comfort of your own home as at their live shows!

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