Trolldom – Av Gudars Ätt

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For the first time, Iron Bonehead Productions unearth some long unknown side projects known as Trolldom of the Swedish instrumentalist Swartadapuz. The demo 'Av Gudablod Röd…' debuted in 2016 on which the musician grasped the pure inspiration from the classic era of black metal, On the first studio album 'Av Gudars Ätt' Swartadapuz brings an aura of magical enchantment to his trademarks. The album contains four lengthy songs and an instrumental interlude. In its dark mesmerizing nature, it is evident that the merging of the synth and the atmospheric elements serves to create an ancient feeling.

The opening track ‘Av nagelbyggt, från döda män…’ offers many ghastly moments that are balanced by the pacing of the drums. Atheistically Trolldom holds the listener under the spell of the synth arrangements. Hence the songs are overly crude with the synth contributing to the songs as the music wanders through the atmospheric spectrum. Swartadapuz shows great ability in his musical art. In its old-fashioned way ‘Av Gudars Ätt’ uniquely weaves the synth passages into the guitars that reinforce the gloomy spectacle of the screeching vocals. The thirteen minutes track consists mostly of supreme musical splendor, though the one thing that is emphasized is the grimness of the screeching vocals and the magical panoramic atmosphere that creates depth. The songs on the album are played at mid-tempo, yet there are plenty of fast sections that give a raw-edged sound.

From all the previous side projects Trolldom defines the craftsmanship of its sole member. Although the songs here aren’t as complex as other atmospheric black metal bands, Swartadapuz entwines the ambient elements perfectly. The synth is used frequently as it provides a mystique kind of aura. ‘Avtryck i tiden, vävens sista stycke’, this nine minutes piece will leave the listener with a mysterious feeling of wonderment. The unearthly setting of the synth juxtaposes with the eerie drums when the burst of thundering drums are unleashed. The majestic beauty of the second wave of black metal is perfectly illustrated with raw and gloomy riffs and such thrill creates haunting moments. Amid the rumbling drums and the swelling tremolos, the screeching vocals stand majestic. Often the pacing drums provide splendor to the tempo where the shimmering synth ebb and flows in the background.

With all the ghostly surroundings ‘Av Gudars Ätt’ enters the majestic realm of the 90s black metal, the songs are bejeweled, for the sinister and unearthly atmosphere here is unreal. The lavish textures of the guitars impose a grueling display of majestic black metal that is akin to bands like Covenant, Troll and Tartaros. Each entry has both qualities of being very unique and dramatic in nature. Profusely symphonic, the composition is swathed in a dark cloak of black sable. The nine minutes track ‘En eldbeklädd begravningsritual…’ journeys across the otherworldly forests, despite being atmospheric the guitars are lined with the sweeping melody of the synth that gives it a particular cadence.

Av Gudars Ätt’ centers on these haunting and atmospheric elements. However, there are many dark moments that peak at a melancholic aura. As much as the synth resonates, the somber riffs create vast landscapes. Trolldom offers an intriguing album full of atmospheric shifts. The tremolo chords are thickly layered as they add a significant value to the music these aesthetics are presented to bring depth to the music. What really stands out here is that the craftsmanship and the staggering talent prove that there is no match for Swartadapuz in creating such musical relics that holds a sense of flair and originality.

While there’s always space for keyboards to shape the songs with haunting melodies, the drums provide many fast tempo sections. All these elements are beautifully presented throughout the album’s duration of 47 minutes. ‘Av Gudars Ätt’ is rooted in the atmospheric and symphonic art of black metal à la Obtained Enslavement, Kataxu and Parnassus. The haunting backdrop of the synth on the final track ‘Ur nattsvart dimma, mot mossens mörka vatten’ drifts into the obscure spheres of sinister symphonic black metal. The ominous screeching vocals perfectly capture the mysterious feeling of awe and wonder. Streaming tremolos and blast beats are meticulously layered with a variety of obscure synth textures. The ominous atmosphere is maintained throughout the 14 minutes, thus you will imagine yourself enclosed in the haunting realms of darkness.


  • Music / Songwriting 9/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 9/10
  • Mix / Production 10/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 9/10
  • Originality 10/10

As in whole “Av Gudars Ätt” conveys a surreal quality of the Scandinavian style of black metal. Once you allow the music to enter your soul, you will behold its sonic magnificence.

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