Apocalyptica (Viikinsaari, Tampere) – 5/8/2021

Every year the last 6 years, the Tampere island Viikinsaari has been taken over by the metal festival SaariHelvetti (or “The Island of Hell”). This year, it’ll be the 7th time the festival takes up shop on the island and the 3th time they spend a total of 2 days there with some of the best bands Finland (and beyond) have to offer. Though this year around, Nem Agency, the booking and promotion agency behind the festival, decided that having everything set up for the festival delivered the best possible opportunity to bring even more bands to the island and stages there. So, here we are: the night before the festival gates officially open, with Apocalyptica, they are hosting the iconic and innovative masters of “classical metal”. And coming along with them are Finland’s newest exciting prog outfit Wheel and the extremely catchy and energetic alternative rock band Cyan Kicks!

With pictures from Cyan Kicks, Wheel and Apocalyptica

For a full report of the concert, go here.


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